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    Here is the plan I have:

    Emp F&F 500 Sprint Data Adv

    Can I activate the pre on this plan.
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    ..OMG why why why it one of the required everything data plans starting at $69.99? answer your own question......or call Sprint and let them tell you NO!
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    No you can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski21 View Post
    Here is the plan I have:

    Emp F&F 500 Sprint Data Adv

    Can I activate the pre on this plan.
    Actually, you can as of 8/10. That is the Employee Advantage Club rate plan that is meant for Sprint Employee friends and family @ $20 /mo. Unless you know someone that works directly for Sprint, good luck getting this plan. The actual employee is held liable and can only purchase equipment through a direct invitation from the employee.

    To the TC, if you actually called customer care, your call would be handled by Employee Care, and they'd have no problems activating a Pre on your line.
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    Granted if you are on an Employee plan you should either already have known this (it was emailed to every employee), or you should have asked your employee sponsor.

    But the answer is unequivocally yes, you can activate the Pre on that plan.
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