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    So I have in front of me an add promoting an autonation employee discount for sprint, and in the add the pre is pictured with the keyboard lit up in a nice shade of blue. I did a quick search and I found nothing on the subject. Is sprint just messing with us? Is anyone's keyboard actually blue? Or is there a possibility that the lights behind the keyboard are capable of changing colors and that somewhere in the deep abyss that is the webos there is a line of code that controls it? Anyways, I've attached the proof.
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    Yep the keyboard backlight is blue.
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    It would be cool, but i think that some photoshop monkey in the advertising department just screwed up when he made that add. Or, if im wrong then maybe future versions of the phone might be capable of this. I just don't see how the ones we currently have can just magically change the back light color.
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    I would imagine that white numbers on the keypad would not show very well in that advert.

    Does the keypad actually have a blue backlight? You get one guess.

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