This is a script I wrote up for what would be a good, non-creepy television ad for the Pre. It still emphasizes the "reads your mind" point, but does so in a much better fashion. Below is the script, and I'll post the video once I get it done (I'm actually trying to make a fake ad of this).

How would you like a phone that knows what you want?
*unlocks phone*
What music you want to listen to…
*while speaking, taps on Pandora*
Or what food you want to eat…
*closes Pandora, taps on GoodFood, taps on [restaurant name], taps on “Map”*
Or how you want to get there?
*taps on “get directions”*
How about a phone that knows who you want to call?
*uses quick launch to open Phone app, types in [name], taps on number that pops up”
Introducing the new Palm Pre
Only from Sprint
What do you think?