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    Hi I need help trying to figure out what has happened with my battery life. on a normal day my phone was consistently lasting from about 9 in the morning to 8 or 9 at night, depending on use. My battery life was a little short of this my first week or so with the phone(I got it on launch day), but since then it has been doing really good. about 3 days ago my phone has been lasting from 9 to about 1pm. It will completely turn itself off at that time. I'm not sure if one of my hombrew apps is pulling too many resources or what the deal is, but this is what I currently have installed on my pre and the settings( which I haven't changed since I set them on launch day)

    brightness - all the way down
    turn off screen after 30 seconds
    wifi only on when I know I can connect
    auto locate on
    gps off
    email push- as they come in

    3rd party pass installed
    file coaster
    pre pod
    media remote
    gdial pro
    shopping list
    badd flashlight
    dot game
    dope wars
    15 puzzle
    .....I am running the most current version on all apps

    any advice as to why my battery has changed so much recently would be great
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    try messing with the email push settings. I had it on push and had similar results to your battery issues, as soon as I switched it to check email every 2 hours I noticed a drastic improvement on battery life.
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    I'll say the has a big impact. Any change there? If you really want to diagnose it, get a unix session and do a ps.
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    any chance your still leaving an app open. I found that happened to me a couple of times when I was streaming pandora. When I exit the car the app auto pauses because fo the severed connection with bluetooth. I found even though it was paused the app itself was still pulling info over the network and the battery would drain in a matter of a few short hours.
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    I have had my Pre since opening day, and today I was able to go 2 days without a recharge. It was light to medium usage - some GPS, e-mail, calling, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come!
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    I got my Pre Sunday the 9th and the first few days was severely dissappointed with the battery life. However, I think I'm seeing better battery life after a few charge cycles. After pulling it off the charger @ 6am this morn it was only down to 68% with moderate usage today @ 7p
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    Network coverage is a big one for me try putting your Pre on Sprint only this seams to help with battery life. Only use auto sellect when you need it.
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    I'm beginning to think the battery life situation is alot like the signal strength; they both go in and out. I use my Pre basically the same everyday give or take a little, but the battery performance varies greatly from day to day.

    I can sit my pre beside my son's Sprint Samsung Exclaim (by the way, which has voice dailing, text forwarding and full notification suite) and my girlfriend's Blackberry Curve, and witness full sets of signal bars in the Exclaim and Curve while the signal on my pre goes from 1 bar to full and back repeatedly. I don't know.
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    Mine was switching from EV to 1x and sucking my battery down in less than a day. Set it to 1x only and doubled my battery life.. I am at work and not traveling. Still able to get emails and web surf with no problems..
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    I have been using Pre for a week. Battery life was too bad initially due to following settings - (a) gtalk online (b) email sync as it arrives (c) EVDO with poor signal.

    I changed (a) gtalk offline (b) email sync every 15 min (c) WiFi on.

    Now, I get about 270-300 minutes on single charge that is with moderate use.

    If Pre is in standby mode with phone on (but no calls made/received, calendar sync on, tweed notifications on, alarm on but (Wifi off, bluetooth off, gtalk off) then after 6 hours, battery charge level changed from 100% to 95%.

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