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    I love the camera.... shocked, absolutely shocked when I saw the quality of the photo. Well Done! Plus everything else: emails, contacts, synergy (very hot stuff).

    I am glad I purchased the Pre. And it can only get better!
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    What do I Love about the Pre

    1. It's WoW form factor. When it first came out before all of the Sprint & Palm Tv spots people would ask what kind of phone it was. Now the the Pre has sort of hit the big time people are always asking me if that's the Pre & can they see it.

    2. Synergy... Love it!!! Not to sure about how I keep things straight before it. Read this, it's how the Pre & Synergy are a big part of my life : How many Pre's are in your life...........?

    3. Home Brews Home Brews Home Brews...... Did I mention Home Brews? So of my favs; PrePod, FileCoaster, DevMode Launcher, Switcharoo, DopeWars..... and many more. Thanks m8ty's for all your hard work.

    4. Firmware/OS updates. Keep them coming Palm.

    5. Sprint Customer Service. I know (as do most of us) that this forum is full of negative stories on Sprint CS. Honestly sense I got my Pre Sprint CS has been nothing but top shelf for me. Never had a problem exchanging an of my Pre's that I had to exchange. And after my last trip to the Sprint store I'm sold on Sprint again. Read about it here: What a day I had with Sprint the other day!!!

    6. The little black pouch that came with the Pre. Last Palm device I got a carrying case with was my Treo 600.

    7. To the OP, I Love You (but not in the prison kind of way) for starting a post like this. Thanks M8!!!
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    I've really enjoyed reading all posts in this thread! I'm feelin' the non-prison love from TWC!

    I've got more love to add:

    I LOVE not having to rely on exchange to keep up with my work and personal life. I previously used my work exchange account for both work and personal contacts because they could sync to my 755. Now I can use Google for personal contacts and have them sync to my phone along with the exchange contacts.

    I also LOVE being apart of a PrPrPr&#$275$; $couple$. My man & I both have PrPrPr&#$275$;$s$, $so$ $it$'$s$ $nice$ $to$ $have$ $someone$ $right$ $at$ $home$ $to$ $share$ $the$ $love$ $with$!

    I LOVE hearing from other ladies who love their PrPrPr&#$275$;$s$, so I hope some PrPrPr&#$275$;$Central$ $ladies$ $will$ $stop$ $by$ $and$ $show$ $their$ $love$ $for$ $this$ $great$ $phone$!
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    This is a great thread. I'm really enjoying reading everyone's experiences.

    I love that when I'm playing music in my car, when some other app wants audio access (like a notification or navigation) that the music fades out to give the other app access, then fades back in. Had a friend of mine in my car the other day, an iCult guy, when my phone did just this with SprintNav. His jaw dropped, "Did your phone just stop the music to give nav directions?" I replied, "yep!" like it was the most natural everyday thing. Gloating inside, of course.

    I love that notifications don't get in my way when I'm doing something. When I'm ready to look at them I can just touch the icon at the bottom right.

    I love that multiple apps run and are so easy to switch between and organize.

    I love brining up the wave.

    Pandora rulez!!!
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    I love that when I'm playing music in my car, when some other app wants audio access (like a notification or navigation) that the music fades out to give the other app access, then fades back in.
    Yes, this is amazingly cool. Blew me away the first time I heard it.

    I love...
    • the screen -- very clear, fast, and high resolution
    • Touchstone -- it's not a gimmick; now I want wireless charging for all my devices, and I may have to buy a 3rd TS just for the car. Greatest Palm accessory ever.
    • notifications -- convenient, unobtrusive, launches app with just a touch
    • the "Discreet" ringtone makes a great wakeup alarm
    • homebrew, especially PrePod and FileCoaster
    • a real keyboard -- I can't stand virtual keyboards
    • sound quality with headphones -- the Pre really makes an excellent mp3 player; my iPod has been mostly unused since I got my Pre
    • multitasking, of course
    • more reliable Bluetooth headset connections than my old Centro

    Palm still needs to improve the PDA functions, but the Pre does so many other amazing and cool things that I'm finding it easier every day to overlook that.
    Powered by Palm since 1996...
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    let me join the love fest!!

    • browser
    • shape, size and color
    • can get real work done on it
    • searching twitter for realtime info....for instance I did a twitter search for "District 9" before I purchased tix to see how people were reacting to the film
    • gestures - I can one hand this thing now!...and the look on peoples faces when im really working the gestures they are like what is he doing!...then the their mouths drop when I slide out the keyboard lol!
    • deleting emails with a swipe
    • youtube
    • streaming mp3 attachments from email
    • camera quality
    • holding the space bar in camera app for automatic shutter....Paparazzi Time!!
    • music wherever i go: car, work, gym, beach!
    • waiting in line is fun now because I get the opportunity to do something PREful!!!
    • being the underdog is fun!! is being different from the crowd and going against the grain!
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    I will just say, i echo most of the posts in here.

    My gf is getting her Pre tonight (its at UPS right now) so even more to love.

    Great phone, and can't wait to see the future of WebOS.
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    Another lady here that loves her pre My hubby loves his also. This is actually my first smartphone (last phone was lg dare) because I could not justify the extra bucks on with Verizon. Dare was a good "feature" phone but now I can't even use it very well anymore as I try using it like my pre lol. Will be saying "by" to Verizon soon though (thank you Sprint.) I think I love just about everything about my pre. I don't even mind the battery thing...I mean how long does a laptop battery last??? this is a mini computer that makes phone calls. I absolutely love the multi tasking, email, ota backup, anticapation of what's to come...anyway I don't think I could live without my pre.
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    Easy Messaging - LIKE A BOSS

    Fast Browswer - LIKE A BOSS






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    Just being able to go to my bank's or almost any other website, without concern, is awesome.

    I loved my 755p. Seriously. But even with the battery issues, I can't see going back to the 755p as my only phone.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    I Love the fact that I am typing this on my Pre while in a Corporate Communications Meeting.

    I love the fact that I can IF I feel a sudden urgency to break out my soundboard App and play the crickets sound.

    I love the fact that I can load my Fav. Netcasts feeds, update and play during my morning commute.

    I love the fact the I can customize the look of my phone install Apps Free open source without/ Jailbreak my phone.

    I love the fact that I can have all of this and still pay less than 70.00/ month
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    I love the phone in general

    I love pandora, being on it while doing like 100 other things with it

    I love the multitasking ability

    I love the web browsing

    I love the keys.. took about a day to get used to.. now it makes me typed quickly because they are so close. When i use my old keyboard it's actually pretty hard now.

    I love the camera.. u can be moving and it'll still be a decent photo

    I love the way it looks

    I love the notifications.

    its just.. yeah. i love it lol
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    1. It has never "crashed" or frozen up!

    2. The camera is AWESOME. I can take 5 pictures faster than I can take 1 on my digital camera.
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    I love the fact that the pre is so easy to develop for, and that palm has been open (thus far..)

    Coming from the touch pro, I don't miss wm6 at all. (i WAS until prepod came around )
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    Pandora + GPS = win in my book
    Great screen and camera
    Homebrew and hacking (finally getting WinSCP to work and switching icons and backgrounds lost me lots of sleep but was well worth it)
    Notifications (even better with MyNotifications, which now rings as the Jetson's doorbell. Priceless!)
    Form Factor
    WiFi, BlueTooth & GPS. All available, all easy to toggle on/off. Try that with a Touch Pro...
    Swiping. It just feels RIGHT to flick an e-mail off the screen...
    Simply Data plan = win in my book

    It's not an iPhone = win in my book
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