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    My touchscreen crapped out in July. I was able to get it working again after opening it and closing the slider hard, fast, and repeatedly, 20-25 times or so. After a while, it'd work again for a while--for me, just enough time to get my pics off of it.
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    Rather than going through the whole rooting process, can't you bootup into USB mode & get your files that way?

    1) Insert the USB cable into the AC charger, and insert the AC charger into a wall outlet.
    2) Remove and reinsert the phone battery.
    3) Press and hold the volume up button, and insert the USB cable into the phone.
    4) A large USB icon should appear on the phone screen. (which you won't be able to see, but it should still be in USB mode)
    Edit: I just realized this thread is 2 months old...
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    My launch-day pre finally has to be replaced. 3 weeks ago, the speaker blew, but I wanted to wait to replace it, cause I was so busy, I couldn't afford the time to do the switch. (and I can live without the speaker for a while), Today, (an hour ago), the touchscreen stopped responding completely, (I had learned to live with the pale yellow blotches on the screen, too), rendering the phone useless, and I have to replace it. I'll reactivate my Centro in the morning until a new refurb is in.

    I've read here that the Palm Profile back up is terrible, and I will lose all texts, photos, emails, email accounts & log-ins, calendar accounts & colors.

    Has anyone found a complete back-up solution for the Pre? My Centro has a "clone" of itself on the microSD card, which I used to back up weekly.

    With the touchscreen dead, I guess I'm going to lose months of photos, texts, saved emails, and log-ins & settings that are either not replaceable, or will take hours to restore. I had been worring about this, but hadn't found any good solutions, now it's too late, and I'm really not happy with Palm. Back-ups were complete and easy with the older Palm devices, ....not so much with the Pre.

    I'll bet the fact that my Palm Profile was never able to be verified, will cause problems too. ...although, I tried many times, and asked about it on the Palm support forums, I never got an answer, and was never able to get it to verify.

    it's going to be a long, frustrating few days. ;-(

    At least I'll be able to use Audible, Pocket Tunes, and record video and voice memos, on my Centro while I'm waiting for a replacement Pre. ...hmmm, maybe I won't reactivate the new Pre, ... I'm really missing Audible Audio, and streaming my favorite radio station, mvyradio, on Pocket Tunes.... and I'll know I'll be able to do a full back-up too. sigh.
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    someone needs to write this guy a USB drive button app you can just type in universal search and hit enter on the keypad.
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    dont pictures get backed up on palms server or whatever its called? try getting a new pre and log on it (the initial log on you go through when you buy a pre) and your pictures would be there no? i dont know just throwing ideas... i would punch my sons pictures out of palm if it was the last choice....
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    dont pictures get backed up on palms server or whatever its called?

    ...nope. From what I've read here, the Palm back-up, isn't much of a back-up, at all. ;-(
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