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    Apologize if this is a repost but lately when someone calls and for what ever reason I cant connect to them or i miss the call I try to hang up and redial immediately and it automatically says dropped call, or if it does go through for 2 sec in it says the same... this may happen 3x before i can get through to that person...

    It also sometimes happens repeatedly when i am switching with call waiting which by the way i hate how you cant hang up with one caller and keep the other live ...

    Not all the time but when it happens its so quick to do it multiple times "drop call, signal faded etc.." Normal calls work fine as does the phone itself ...
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    I believe this is an issue Palm knows about. Call waiting in general does not work properly. Hopefully this will get corrected in the next update!
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    Had similar issues on the PalmOS, too.

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    Had similar issues on the PalmOS, too.
    I had the same issue with my nokia 8330i.

    (to much sarcasm?)

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