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    Ok, here's the odd thing I've noticed about Pandora several times.
    I'm listening to it in the car, usually on charge, but sometimes off, and
    everything is ok. I get home, I pull the headphone plug, Pandora stops playing
    (as it is designed to do), and I take the phone with me into the house.
    30-45 minutes later I pick up the phone to do something with it,
    and notice that the back is hot as hell and the battery has dropped
    something like 20%. The only app active is Pandora, but it is *not*
    playing. I close it, and the phone cools off and battery usage goes back to

    I have listened to Pandora for hours while it's off the charger
    and not seen it suck the battery down like this while playing. It only seems
    to do it when I stop it, and the phone goes to sleep.

    Anyone else?

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    In my office the other day (3 bar of signal). I listened to Pandora for exactly one hours and my battery lost 34%.
    I don't know if this is normal but I will have to get an extra charger is I want to do this very often.

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    I've learned not to leave Pandora paused for long without being plugged in. As you say, the Pre gets hot and the battery takes a dive (not that battery life is great when Pandora is unpaused, either) but I never expected this behavior.
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    pandora sucks, im gettin sick of the notifications

    they really need to tweak it, considering it only took them a day to make it
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    Yep. The Pre Pandora app needs lots of tweaking. Just started a thread on this myself yesterday morning.
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    i'm getting about a 10% drain, in evdo land, every hour.....that's with not doing anything else on the Pre.

    Not bad. No heat either.
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    Yeah, pausing it seems to heat 'er up. But playing is fine. stoopid
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    I was at work and I puased Pandora and forgot about it, after I remembered I left it paused my phone died on me, first time too.
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    pandora makes the back of my phone blistering hot while playing and charging on the touchstone at the same time.

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