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    ...after the developer decides to take the app to the app store and charge for it?

    Will folks be able to keep & run their last free version? Once something is no longer available from homebrew/filecoaster, is the only way to reinstall it via quick install in dev mode?

    Just curious...

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    If an app went from freeware to the app catalog would be a different version with a different license. You'd keep the one you have, but would have to pay if you wanted latest updated version.
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    Yeah as long as the developer didn't code in something to prevent it from working after a certain date then you'll be able to continue to use it.

    Though I'd recommend buying the App Catalog version to support the developer.
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    Yes! If it gets to the app store or any app store & is no longer "homebrew" installs then the developer should be paid for it. Hey, you/we got to have it early for free.
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    I guess my post wasn't clear - I wasn't asking for opinions on ethics (tho I in no way mean this as a flame to those who offered such opinions).

    I'm interested in the mechanics of such a scenario, especially in light of the recent Kindle experience where some people had paid-for content removed remotely.

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