View Poll Results: What would you prefer the next update be geared towards?

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  • Cool stuff (video recording, Flash player, etc...)

    51 55.43%
  • Functionality (Speed, battery life, etc...)

    41 44.57%
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    What would you prefer the next update be geared towards?

    1. Cool stuff (video recording, Flash player, etc...)
    2. Functionality (Speed, battery life, etc...)
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    i would def like to see better battery life, speed and performance and let the other cool stuff come later down the road
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    I would much prefer basic updates, like a way to change notification sounds, more default ringers, notification light, etc.
  4. ame
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    Id like a mix.
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    fb app
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    A mix of speed and cool stuff like video recording
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    A mix of speed and cool stuff like video recording
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    As others said, a little of both -- there are some basic things lacking (e.g., customizing notifications). That said, how about Yahoo messaging?
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    for the damn thing to stop shutting down, more speed, better touch sensitivity, basic phone app functions, add pages to launcher...before any frils
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    I believe like others, more basic functionality and alot more of the ability to customize the pre -- changing notifictions, adding launcher pages, removing launch bar, removing nascar (sry had to say, lol) -- Then the pre will closer to what I was hoping it could be... a device that could adapt to me, and do all this other cool stuff too.

    Either way I love this thing and I just know what ever they do update they got something else coming next time
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    Maybe I'm alone, but the examples you gave for cool, strike me as needed functional updates. They are less performance critical than say improving the battery situation, but still important in allowing this phone to be competitive by enabling those features that the phone is perfectly capable of supporting, but simply didn't out of the gate. So I chose functional, but in many ways I see little difference, at least with the provided examples.
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    I just want to see something by october 11th or HERO will have to save the day.
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    My phone is funcional enough. Def need cool stuff.
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    I'd like the next update to auto delete repeated threads on Pre Central.
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    Definitely not video recording or flash this early in the game. I'd expect those to come after November at the earliest. The next updates are probably App Catalog-related and optimizations.
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    I'm ready for the tweaking stage to begin. Better optimizations of memory and processor to enable a more snappy instant gratification user experience. The devil is in those details.

    Also, I did an update check last night and it brought back all the available updates to App Catalog applications. I hadn't noticed that before.

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