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    ive searched here but i wanna make sure im trying to turn the earpiece volume up. Ive only found ringer volume and never earpiece/call volume. mine is super quiet and its driving me nuts. im trying to figure out of its a setting, the phone or the zagg screen protector
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    while on a phone call, use the volume rocker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougB541 View Post
    while on a phone call, use the volume rocker.
    thats what i thought....hmm, guess its time to go to the store. i hope its not the screen protector, i like it
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    ok, so even though i was pushing the button while on a call it wasnt registering....all better now
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    I agree, the Pre volume on a call is so low and i cannot get it any louder than the max setting. There must be some other adjustment. I cannot go on listening to the person on the phone anymore. My only solution has been bluetooth, but there has to be a way to increase it more.. When is someone going to make a phone that comes out of the box with a loud speaker...
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    Every time I connect to a call using through bluetooth using my Jawbone, the volume is set full low and I have to use the volume keys to increase it. Is there a way to set this volume so that every time I take or make a call using my bluetooth headset without having to always increase the volume. Never had this issue on any of my other Palm phones.

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