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    Got this email yesterday did anyone else get this? Not sure if I am impressed would be really nice to be able to call and talk to the same person everytime though..

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Your Dedicated Account Team Delivers Business Tools & Solutions Expertise!

    I am honored to have been assigned as your Account Manager. Summer is in full swing and itís a great time to get your wireless communications in order. The Fourth quarter is quickly approaching so letís ensure you have the most cost effective and efficient tools going forward.

    If you have not already done so, please be sure to contact me for an evaluation of your account to make sure you are getting the most value for your dollar. I have been able to save my customers hundreds and thousands per year on their plans, all while adding new services & features that save even more on their bottom line.


    I have been working with Sprint Nextel for 4 years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you. I started with AT&T Wireless back in 1999 in retail sales after graduating from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I managed individual and small business accounts in the Gainesville, FL area. I then moved to Orlando, FL and took a similar position with Sprint. My role is to keep you apprised of the latest equipment, plans and promotional offers to meet your unique business needs. I am fully responsible for anything that happens on your account. i.e. The removal or addition of a line, changes, moves, upgrades, etc. Please contact me directly as I will always answer my phone and respond to e-mails quickly.

    I am available to assist you with tools and solutions for your business including:

    Rate plan analysis (ensures you are on the most cost effective plan based on your usage)
    Wireless news and information
    General product and technology information
    Remote internet and email access
    GPS (to help you optimize travel time and routes)
    Workforce solutions (timesheets, invoices, field payments, etc.)
    Tools to help reduce costs (fuel efficiency, employee hours, etc.)

    If you require a new line, a change in service or an upgrade, I will utilize my expertise to help you select the right equipment and plans to meet your business needs.

    I also have the ability to provide you with exclusive promotional offers. To find out what promotions and discounts you may be eligible for, please reply to this message. These offers are often time-sensitive so please respond at your earliest opportunity.

    Thank you for choosing Sprint Ė we appreciate your business!

    PS: I do appreciate referrals. Do not hesitate to forward my contact information to your business partners that can benefit from my services.

    Tom Turner
    Business Account Manager
    Sprint Nextel
    Toll Free Office: 800-670-9914 EXT 6915
    Local Office: 407-628-6915
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    I got that email last year
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    How many lines do you have with them? I don't think they'd assign an account team to an individual customer obviously.
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    i also got this last year
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    i have 5 lines... really i just didnt believe this thought it was just a spam scam kinda cool might actually have to archive this and call this goofball when I need something... have any of you who actually got the email contacted your "rep" and work with them or you still just call *2?
    treo 650 > treo 700w > treo 800 > palm pre > evo 4g > 3vo

    galaxy tab 7
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