I was wondering.. Is it possible that the phone covers are causing these gaps, clicking, and so forth on the phone? I exchanged the pre last weekend cause of the huge gap on the phone and a dead pixel, but I only had this one not even a week and it started to click. Whats making me think its the cover is the fact that when I slide the phone open and close I noticed it was a little bit of friction from the cover... and it clips right between slider part where everyone is having this gap issues. so maybe with time it creates a gap because of it? I am not sure but I removed the cover and now I have this clicking issue! I am going to try and replace the phone again and see if they give me a new one and not put a cover on it this time!! I ordered the phantom skinz so I will use that to protect the phone. Just curious if the ppl that have been experiencing these gap issues use a cover or not and if this could be a reason for it?