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    I have Gmail, Comcast and a Live office mail on my phone. Gmail works great, Comcast and Live office don't. With Comcast, when I delete the mail on my phone, it does NOT delete them on my computer. Even with the "sync deleted emails" ON.

    With my Live office email, I can get them on my phone, and they come in fine. BUT, when I get on my computer and check my mail in outlook to bring up the emails, it brings all of them in fine, but when I go back to my phone to that same email its GONE!!! How does this happen? I have tried to fix this luck. Please help, thanks
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    Gotta say Comcast email is the very reason I am losing my hair. As for Microsoft Live email, it is not currently supported in the same way as Gmail.

    My guess is that your live email will only pull up new messages. When Outlook pulls them they are no longer new. So consequently when it syncs in removes your emails. Either way, I have all my email forward to my Gmail. No problems at all.

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