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    Hey guys,

    I am just converting from a Blackberry to a Pre (i had a treo 650 then it died on me) and I am having trouble setting my email up. I have a gmail address that I rarely use and it is synced on my phone because I use Google Calendar. I am a college student so I primarily use my school email which is an exchange server but every time I go to sync it, it says invalid ssl certificate or the date and time is wrong. I had the same problem on my treo. On my treo i could just access my email through the school website, but on the Pre I can't and the school says they can't do anything about it (I guess they were having problems with the Iphone as well) I know they can do something about it but I don't think they want to, and the Palm representatives have been no help either. anyone know what I should do? Is there anyway around this? If I can give you more info let me know!
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    I have had a few issues as well with my school email. I created a Gmail account and have my school email forward there. Gmail syncs better than just about anything I have used, and it's quick. Give that a shot.

    As for your actual issue, good luck. Let me know if you can get it to work as intended.
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    thanks, may sound stupid, but what do you do to get your school email forwarded to your gmail?
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    My school had a forward setting in the Preferences. Though I imagine if you do not have that capability, your school might be able forward your email. Hpe this helps.

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