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    Mozilla VP on What Firefox Mobile Means for Your Phone - Fennec - Lifehacker

    Interview with Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's Vice President for mobile:

    Lifehacker: One OEM I have to mention is Apple. Right now, mobile Safari is, if not the mobile browser share leader, at least the thought leader right now, and an attention grabber. At the moment, I can't imagine a mobile Firefox would get through the App Store. Have there been any discussions on that?

    Jay Sullivan: Apple's SDK terms and conditions, for the App Store, essentially prohibit a third-party application that includes a language interpreter. That's how they phrase it, and it's basically saying, you can't bring another browser to the table that runs JavaScript. If we understand their terms, [Fennec] isn't allowed in the App Store.
    So, apparently Firefox mobile won't be on the iPhone, unless Apple change certain aspects of their terms and conditions. So, what about the Pre? Well, he doesn't go into specific about the Pre, mostly staying on the iPhone and Android devices. But seeing as how the Pre's web browser is based on WebKit, the same HTML-rendering engine that powers all versions of Safari, Mozilla may not be thinking of bringing it our way.

    The way I think about it is, Safari on the iPhone is fine. Our goal is to support choice and innovation, and help people try and use the web. People who have an iPhone are having a pretty good web experience. We looked at it and said, most of the smartphones out there are running Symbian, or Windows Mobile, or one of a bunch of other platforms for us to build on. So if the iPhone situation is what it is, how can we help these other people?...Let's go after users who seem to be struggling with the web and help them.
    What do you think? Will they bring it to the Pre? Would you want it on your Pre?

    Besides being able to copy/paste text in the browser and a few other features, I have to say the standard browser currently on the Pre is pretty great! Sure, it would be fun to play around with "Fennec", but I for one can't say I need another browser.
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    I have followed fennec for a year and a half now sonce it's concept stages on the nokia tablets, it has come a long wau but has more to go.

    That being said, I think choice is great so bring it.
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    I would at least try it out. Alternatively, Chrome on the Palm Pre would be interesting too, especially given its JSJSJS $engine$.
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    It would be nice.
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    they would definately be building it for the PRE. As soon as they finish it for symbian/android/windows mobil. Their objective is to get it on as many platforms as possible. The iphone app store approval process is the only thing keeping it off the iphone.
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    Heck yeah, especially if it worked with sling's beta firefox plug-in/player

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    I would rather see Opera. Opera has Link which automatically synchronizes my searches, history, bookmarks, speed dials, etc so when I go to work I have everything. I search for something at home, then I can go to work and pull up my search. I can book mark tracking numbers, then go on my BlackBerry and pull them up at anytime.

    So I would love to see Opera come to the Pre... but I don't think that'll ever happen. Though, theoretically, Opera Mini might be able to run if Java is installed... though I much prefer Opera Mobile.
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    I think it would be nice to have an alternative
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    Nah. The pre's browser is great, imo.. Though it has some accelerometer quirks.
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    Options spur inovation. Of course I would love to see FF on the Pre, or any other phone/device for that matter.
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    Having the Fox on my Pre would r0x0r my b0x0rs!
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    I believe WebKit to be superior to Gecko, so no, I wouldn't want Fennec.
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    Does it have plug-ins? If it had Adblock and Flashblock I'd be interested...
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    Nothing wrong with options..

    but the build I tried on the touch pro ~3 months ago was painfully slow. -mark
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    Quote Originally Posted by jauderho View Post
    I would at least try it out. Alternatively, Chrome on the Palm Pre would be interesting too, especially given its JSJSJS $engine$.
    Yes Crome would be neat to see on the PRE.
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    I'm a firefox fanatic so I'd love to see it on the Pre. Those of you still using Internet Explorer on your PC's please log off and leave the internet.
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    You people do realize that Chrome is based on WebKit as well, right?

    As for Firefox.... I love it on the PC, but I wouldn't want it in a smaller device like the Pre, because it's just plain slower than WebKit (though they've made improvements).

    Anyway, it's not going to happen... the Pre uses WebKit to render all of its applications.
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    I'd love to see Opera make a browser for the Pre, but make it better than Opera Mini or Opera Mobile. Firefox, not so much, never been a fan, I'm an Opera kinda guy.
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    Seeing as how Fennec has built in Flash support for youtube video I would LOVE to see Fennec on the palm pre!!!!

    More about Fennec: Firefox Mobile (aka Fennec) Hits Beta - Firefox - Lifehacker

    It's a walkthrough video of all the features in the beta 1
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    I would absolutely like to see it ported, but I am also perfectly happy with the Pre's default browser.
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