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    I'd like to see Fennic on the pre! Something with Webkit like Chrome would be nice too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CAS91572 View Post
    Something with Webkit like Chrome would be nice too!
    I don't know how much more clearly I can put this. THE PRE IS DESIGNED AROUND WEBKIT. Everything that the Pre does is rendered using WebKit. WebKit is 99% the basis for webOS!

    ... Getting the point yet?

    Also, to an above poster. The reason that Fennec supports Flash on the n800/n810 is pretty much nothing that Mozilla did. The n800 and n810 support Flash natively with the default browser, all Mozilla is doing is taking advantage of that plugin. That's moot as well since we've already been told by the end of the year that Flash would be on the Pre.
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    If I can save files, copy and paste text in browser, hell yes.
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    What's wrong with the Pre's browser?
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    BAH....Never been a fan of FireFox even on the PC. IE8 has definately caught up with the times (for PC) and has shown to be more stable and detecting malware then even Googles own Chrome. Palm can do just fine with their own browser (for Pre)!
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    Ah, the more the merrier.
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