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    I received a new palm pre and whenever the phone turns on, it turns off immediatly every time. i have detached the battery for 30 seconds and still no luck.
    what can i do im outa ideas....
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    Mine did that yesterday a little. I think I did something with the calendar, finished using it, and turned it off. Then, within a second or two, I kept trying to turn it back on to do something else, and it wouldn't come on or it would turn itself back off quickly.

    I'm thinking some kind of background process must have been going on so it didn't register my presses of the power button quickly enough. When it finally did, I had already pressed it again because the 'turn on' response was too slow. It's kind of like when you keep hitting the power unlock button in your car and your friend keeps pulling the door handle at the same time, so the door never unlocks.

    After a few seconds of this and the Pre never coming on, I finally slid the slider open and it turned on, no problems.

    If opening the slider doesn't help, and you're sure you have a fully charged battery, you might want to exchange your Pre.
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    Is the Pre fully charged??

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