Today as I checked my twitter on my pre, I noticed something horrific! My palm pre had a crack and was peeling! I noticed some peeling last week but it was very small. I read somewhere that if you browse the web while the pre is being charged it causes over heating. I admit that at night while charging it I browse the web and check for new homebrew apps also I went to the beach a week ago and it was in direct sunlight for maybe a min. but I put it away immediately when i noticed it got really hot.

The peeling I could sort of tolerate but the crack? NO! It doesnt seem to be heading towards the screen, so im glad. It seems to be heading downward. Its still super ugly though.

I dont understand how it happened! I baby this phone! its always in its pouch, except this one time that i forgot to put it in its pouch and was left in the wildness (my purse) and it got a couple of scuffs. However, ever since this phone hasnt been scratched dropped or anything. I'm out of my 30 days and I doubt it will get replaced.

anyone having the same issues with the peeling?
any advise?

here is a pic.