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    I haven't been able to use my Pre in either USB mode or media sync mode the past few days... charging seems to be much slower too. I did a hard reset, didn't work, I went to the palm website to try to get my phone wiped and never got the sms/further instructions after I submitted the request. It doesn't work on mac or a pc. Any ideas?
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    My first thought would be that it's a hardware issue - maybe a bad connection in the microUSB cable, or in the port on the Pre. If it's slowing the charging it could be creating interference in the data signal, too - or the data connections might not be connecting at all, and the power connections could be only partially connecting.

    I'm not sure if you have a store near you that could test it, or if you would need to buy a new cable to eliminate the cable itself as the cause. (It's not a bad idea to have a second cable anyway. I find it extremely irritating to have to unplug my Touchstone anytime I want to sync pictures or audio files.)

    The cable is the easiest thing to test, if you have a spare.
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    Please somebody help me, I have windows 7 and I try to install the sdk and roll me back the installation and the webos quick install give a device not found error. I check the novacom put its started fine. Any sugestion for me. Thanks

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