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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dookie View Post
    Well, I guess that's great for people who are just now buying one or that are still within the 30 day return period. For people like me on the other hand who got one on launch day and are now having hardware issues, this just feels like salt in the wound.
    Isn't the warranty period 12 months?
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    well i have the new "sunset" box as the article said. I noticed I do have the new palm pre slip case, but my pre does not have that piece of foam and as far as the silver button idk id need to compare
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Isn't the warranty period 12 months?
    12 months with manufacturer which means you'd probably have to ship it to them to get a new one.
    Within 30 days you can walk into any sprint store and trade with them for a new one.
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    I'll tell ya what I'd do with the center button - GET RID OF IT. It's useless, IMHO. I NEVER USE IT - EVER. Much easier to swipe - I know many others agree as I have read it on this forum many times. But I guess some like the button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    I'd love to see a picture of the pearl vs. silver button. Anybody got one?

    Edit: I saw the pictures on the preThinking website, but they're not side-by-side, so it's a little difficult to tell whether there really is a difference or not.
    They posted one if you follow the 2nd link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lldsandsll View Post
    lol, which was the 2nd link I posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samrozzi View Post
    idk if mines the new silver button, i dont have the little foam on mine, but my pouch is embossed. whats the diff on old pouch, anyonehave pics of old case?
    Just gray outside, orange inside. That's it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THETRUTH View Post
    Does anyone know how to spot a new unit like has the box changed. I am not leaving the store this time till I know my pre is 100%. I have to say though that so called fix to the battery really looks cheap. I could do that myself.
    They're going back in the Sunset box, not the bright yellow like the "2nd build" set that came shortly after the launch sets.
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    I might have a new one. My screen doesn't have much wobble. I think my little ball doodad is silver, as is my earpiece thingie, I do have foam in the back but I still smooshed a little paper in there just in case.

    I have a sunset on the pre on my white package. WarrDate code is 7/21/09.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NM08SRT8 View Post
    They're going back in the Sunset box, not the bright yellow like the "2nd build" set that came shortly after the launch sets.
    The "yellow" box is the same as the white "sunset" box. The only other box was the original "black" box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    The "yellow" box is the same as the white "sunset" box. The only other box was the original "black" box.
    No, you're referring to the sleeve that covered the box. They're all white.. It's the image on the Box itself, and the "colors" on the sleeve that were and are different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NM08SRT8 View Post
    No, you're referring to the sleeve that covered the box. They're all white.. It's the image on the Box itself, and the "colors" on the sleeve that were and are different.
    Yes, exactly. What people call the "yellow" box is actually a white box with a yellow sleeve and the picture on the box is of a sunset. Sorry if what I was saying wasn't clear enough for you.
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    No, it's called generalization. Saying "yellow" box vs "Sunset" box is just the different boxes overall look. Doesn't mean the physical box, It's the looks you're after here. You're being more technical with it thus making it a bigger deal than it should be and being difficult. You knew exactly what I meant, you just felt the need to be a smart *** and try to show off to everyone on the board.
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    Man, man man.... Why so much hostility? In this forum alot of people try and jump on each other, for some really minor things. We are a community with @ least one thing in common, the pre (either you know about it and want it or you have one). -- off topic --If you don't have/want one what is ur real reason for being here?? Everyone needs to learn to be a bit more tolerant... slow to anger..

    Sleeve, box... What's the big deal avg. person understands either way...
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    Wohoo, my phone keeps shutting down, i;m holding out to get it replaced with a brand new "new build" pre
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    That's exactly how I fixed my slider crashing problem. I took a foam sheet from my kid's arts and crafts box and cut a square from it and taped it right there.
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    Is this just assumptions, or has there been official word from Palm?
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    I originally had a Pre (purchased 8/16/09) with a pearl button and got a little picky about it when I noticed a teeny bubble under the upper right corner of the screen. I returned it the very next day and they told me at the Sprint store that I only got one return (which sounds like BS, trust me, I'll be returning this one if I have another problem). When I got the new one I noticed that the button was different (gunmetal silver) and that the wobble was very much improved. The entire phone just felt like it was made better. I'm new to all this and after finding out about the manufacturing improvements I decided to investigate further.

    My New Pre:
    -reconddate --/--/----
    -recondstatus no
    -warrantydatecode 07/31/2009 (still can't find a build date)
    -silver button
    -embossed pouch
    -no foam piece in the battery compartment, but the battery was very tough to pull out (which battery in the pic is the newer one, left or right?)

    I'm thinking that the foam piece was a quick fix before the battery was updated and that some units during the change may have gotten both.

    So far, I've replaced the original static screen guard to protect it until I order my Seidio Innocase and screen protectors tomorrow! I just wish the calendar would show the color coded dots on the full month view!

    BTW-I'm not paying $30 for the Classic App unless I can use Appalm (I love the original "Dark Crystal" movie game)! So far, it only works with 'approved' original palm apps! This would solve my calendar problem, but still not worth $30!

    This site and forum has been a big help!

    (previously owned Treo 700p and never had a problem)
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    I know this thread hasn't been updated in over 2 months, but here's my $0.02:

    I'm admittedly very picky. When the guy at the store was activating my first Pre, I pointed out that the case was separated at one corner... so he just snapped it back together. No problem, right? Well, I babied the thing for less than a week before I noticed a teeeeeeeny tiny little crack above the word "Sprint" when you're in Card View that was between layers in the screen... I didn't take the time to figure out the build date, but here's my basic review of the build of that phone:

    * White button
    * No battery jiggles or any issues with the handset turning off when you closed the slider
    * Very solid slider at first, obviously loosened up a little bit over a couple weeks
    * No Oreo effect
    * Came in the yellow (Sunset?) box
    * Sleeve had the embossed logo

    So last night we went back into the store, we got one for my wife and got mine replaced. I immediately noticed that the button on my replacement was silver-ish and less transparent and worried that I got a refurb, older, pre-revision phone. I just opened it up and there's no foam piece by the battery, but the battery was so hard to take out I can't imagine needing it. It also looks like there's a little piece of rubber where you guys show the foam piece. And also now that I know how to find the build date, I looked up both mine and my wife's SNs and found that they were both mfr'ed on the same date: 10/15/09.

    ...But hers has the white button like my first one... Hers feels a little more solid in the slider right now, and it came with all the newer changes to the box and sleeve and stuff (just like my original also).

    So perhaps we're all just making an issue out of nothing? I'm guessing that between hers and my replacement, maybe they just rolled down different assembly lines on the same day?
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    I honestly believe those aren't official improvements like everyone is claiming, it just seems suspicious to why. Only if they'd fix the slider mechanism, I'd be all over the Pre again.
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