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    So, many of you may remember my thread about being mugged and having my perfect Pre stolen. So, I got it replaced through Asurion. I got a new device 'cause they were out of stock of refurbs. Well, the night I got it the charging port cover busted. Grr...that was a little annoying but THEN today, upon closing my phone slider, a half inch piece of plastic broke off on the top upper left, near the mirror! I don't know how this happened, but it did. And it looks ugly.

    The worst thing is that freakin' Asurion won't replace it with another device unless I shell out another hundred dollars. l'm bummed.. Is there any advice you guys have or am I ***** out of luck?
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    My guess is you're ***** out of luck.

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    Do you own a gun or knife and a pair of dark panty hose?

    Seriously i was just joking!!!
    That really sucks though, this is the first I have heard of the slider causing a break on the phone...maybe palm can help???
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    Mine has the same issue just not as big. It first was only a crack, but then the piece finally came off.

    Anyway, i don't think they will fix it for you and since its cosmetic, i will live with it (mine is less than 1/3 your quoted ship size though).

    Now one suggestion is to get a case for it like the rocket fish or innocase or even try the 6 dollar one people are talking about.

    Another is try to get it replaced cause of the USB chip under warranty (which should be wear and tear hopefully and shoudl not cost you)

    Hope you find a solution that does not cost you anymore money.
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    The same happened to my phone as well.

    I think we should be more vocal about pieces falling off of our phones from using them as intended, or any defects for that matter. This does not fit the quality expected from a ~$500 device ($299 subsidized).

    I've had several iPhones over the past 3 years, not one of them had any pieces break off.

    Simply unacceptable Palm.
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    I'm on my second Pre - and just like the first one - Pre #2 has recently developed a crack near the USB charging port. The phone has never been dropped.

    In fact, it's in the Seideo Innocase Surface. I take the case off once a week to check the unit for problems.

    Just like Pre #1, this new phone is going back to the Sprint store for a FREE REPLACEMENT. And yes, they're giving me another brand new phone, not a reconditioned one.

    Your phone should not crack. Your phone should not chip. Your phone should not reset when you close the slider. Your phone should not text message a home phone when you select mobile phone. Your phone should not vibrate quietly for a fraction of a second like it's afraid to bother you to alert you to a text or e-mail. Your phone should not twist. Your phone should not creak.

    EXCHANGE EXCHANGE EXCHANGE and demand that the Sprint store replace it and if they don't -- stop throwing your money away on a crappy phone and cancel your contract.
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    Anyone know how I'd go about contacting Palm regarding this issue?
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    Welcome to the great build quality of the Palm Pre. I have NEVER owned a phone that I feel like I have to treat so delicately (like holding a egg!)

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