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    another update!!!

    So the detective who has been working this case , really SUCKS>
    He has been busy with some big school district embezzelment case thats been all over the news in colorado.

    SO today, I just spoke to the city chief of police.
    He seemed quite receptive to all of the information that I had to provide and the lackluster effort so far and then assigned my case to detective ding dongs Sergeant.

    Sounded like the Searg was going to actually GO to the house where dude lives....
    Imagine that...

    Whelp, sounds like the boys in blue may get it right after all. xx*crosses fingers
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    cool story....looking forward to another update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Not at all. Took me about 20 minutes. In addition, I created a script that adds a very annoying screen announcing that the Pre "not in possession of its owner". I can activate that remotely, and it will "reactivate" itself as the default wallpaper every 60 seconds.

    The instructions for the GPS reporting can be , and the "not in possession" mod .

    As I said, no good after the fact, but might help you on the next one, and others on their current Pre.
    I have a question about the "not in posession" wallpaper. I am just learning my way around coding, my question being, how would I shut this off. If i lost my phone and activated it, how would i shut it off when i get my phone back? I looks like "one way" coding
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