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    PRE or IPHONE on Sprint
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    the iphone is a solid device. it revolutionized/revived touch screen based PDAs. No doubt it is the gold standard for any device that comes out now.

    Unfortunately im not a big fan of the on screen keyboard. I would go with the pre.
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    After getting back from germany I had the option to get an iphone I played with it alot in germany and I was impressed but after getting back and playing with the pre it was clear to me the pre is a better phone for me
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    I rock best of both worlds, mytether on my pre to broadcast wifi to my jailbroken ipod touch.. access whenever/wherever i need, plus the plethora of apps..

    cant complain

    that bein said.. it'd be my pre or blackberry curve or tour before an ipod
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    Its an Apple what can I say I am not a fan. I have never had an iPod or any other device that Apple makes I have always liked the converged devices like the PPC's. Now with the new webos I have a choice buggy WM or this smooth running Pre. To answer your question no I wouldn't get an iPhone.
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    Wouldn't even consider it. Next after the Pre would still be the BB Tour, and after that the Touch Pro 2 (and I absolutely HATE Windows Mobile). I might consider the iPhone if it were able to protect me from radiation and I found myself in a post-apocalyptic world following a massive thermonuclear exchange.

    Key word: "might."
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    I had an iPod touch, for a short while. I loved it, but sadly I lost it. But I have to say, for a media device it was fun and ok, but for a communciation device, I HATED the keyboard. It took me 4 times to type anything I tried.

    With Pre, coming from Centro, even tho the keyboard is teeny, and could use alot of improvement, I can type emails, do texts, and IM sufficiently without getting too aggrivated.

    I also prefer the multitasking the PRE does, with the "cards" interface, something iphone never did.

    I'll keep my PRE thanks
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    Multitasking. 'nuff said.
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    Ill keep the Pre, it will have much more once the Dev finish
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    I just got an ipod touch recently and has some pretty fun little mini games. That said I kinda prefer to have one device for phone function and one for little toys. So most likely I would keep the Pre as I like the OS better then that of the iphone. Love the form factor of iphone though its just fun to hold. Not fun to type on the keyboard though.... Haven't tryed landscape to see if its any better.
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    I would never go back to the iPhone I got one as a gift... It was like a Brick was the 3G it was slow i could not multitask it randomly did strange things i jail broke it one time trying to get better stuff on it but I ended up returning it with in 15 days AT&T tried charging me a ETF and i fought with them for 3 months it finally took a court order to get them to drop it...
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    Pre 1,000,000,000 times.
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    The iPhone is a good device.

    But not as good as my Pre.

    The Goat has spoken.
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    No thanks. After experiencing webOS multi-tasking and notifications, it'll be tough to live with iPhone's user interface.
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    A question like this is like preaching to the choir.

    I for one, though, welcome our new pebble-like communicator overlords.
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    Pre. I hate apple, I like user replaceacble batteries
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    Only if it had a hardware keyboard, true multi-tasking, & a removable battery!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DryBear View Post
    I for one, though, welcome our new pebble-like communicator overlords.
    All hail the Pre!!!

    All hail the Pre!!!

    All hail the Pre!!!
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > HTC Mogul (*****!) > HTC Touch Pro (***** squared!) > PRE! > Epic
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    I know I wouldn't because every single one of my friends hav a iphone, I want to be different
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    I'd take an iphone, for a long walk off a short pier. Of course I would keep my pre in the car.
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