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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeydog View Post
    Multitasking. 'nuff said.
    I agree!
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    Not in a million years would I switch to anything Apple.
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    PRE all the way baby!!!! way, apple can go to $#@!
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    I love apple computers, but I had an iPhone at my last job (we used them in place of blackberries, dumb I know) and I did not like it one bit. The OSK was a pain, sms was funky, and call quality was terrible when I was traveling due to work in the wide open spaces.
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    I used an iphone for the passed year and it was a cool phone with great apps. However, I would stick with my Pre for a few reasons has a physical kybd, handles email better, better calendar, MMS, and multi-tasking.
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    Multitasking and a physical keyboard are a must for me. A removable battery is a big plus. I'm sticking with what I've got, helping to make it better I hope.
    Oh, and I have an iPod Touch, own Apple stock, and am a fan of their innovativeness - just think the Pre is a better device for my needs.
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    I assume the last option is supposed to be "tough" decision instead of "though".
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    I research the hell out of anything I buy and am more than familiar with all of the doom-and-gloom opinions of the pre, but the feature set and platform are AMAZING! I never had much use for a smartphone until I got my centro 2 years ago and I am hooked. i was seriously considering moving to the snazzy iPod, but thank god for my 2 year contract. It gave Palm time to release the Pre, and i am thrilled.

    All I have to say is---6 more days until I get my Pre. I can hardly stand the wait!
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