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    me iphone suks
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmKing View Post
    No thanks. After experiencing webOS multi-tasking and notifications, it'll be tough to live with iPhone's user interface.
    Exactly if you had asked me this question before having the Pre for two months, I'd be in the "tough decision", or "yes" category. Now that I've had the Pre for a month and seen what the iPhone does. The only thing I miss from the iPhone is the amount of apps it currently has.
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    Shocked at these responses on a PRE site!!!!
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    Ha ya.

    We should go on an iphone site and ask if Pre was available for AT&T...
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    I love the options on cases for the iphone. I have an ipod touch that I enjoy, but **** if I hate all the pre cases.
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    its all about the pre, iphone doesnt have anything on the pre. The only thing i miss is video capture, but other than that its a very solid phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmogren View Post
    What is a "Though decision" ???
    LOL, I agree. No idea. I think they meant tough decision

    Quote Originally Posted by Groovehog View Post
    iPhone on Sprint? oh please, oh please! The only reason I have a Pre is because Att&t wanted an $800.00 deposit for an iPhone plan. Massive app catalog, opengl support, slick interface etc. If Sprint carries the iPhone eventually, I would drop the Pre like a bad habit.
    Lol, $800. That's ridiculous. They wanted $500 from my friend also. Sprint wanted $0 from me. I'd keep the pre also, many people are saying iPhone has many apps and all of this but the pre just came out. Kinda like comparing an adult with a child. Once the pre gets the updates it needs, I'm sure it'll smash the iPhone into virtual pieces =x
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    everytime i pick up someones iphone im reminded y i got rid of it.
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    I played with the new Iphone 3GS last week at the mall. It's a nice phone, and very fast. But, I kept trying to back swipe, the keyboard kept opening spontaneously (or at least to me it did) and NO MULTIPLE APPS OPEN? I would NEVER own an IPHONE!
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    I chose the Pre over an iPhone.

    My carrier loyalty goes only as far as the price and phone selection.
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    I love my Pre.
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    Absolutely no interest in an iPhone.
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    The iPhone was good for its time (and yes, I don't consider now to be its time), but the card interface with webOS is simply unbeatable.
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    I do like the pre but if a iPhone on a sprint simply everything plan was available I'd be all over it. Its not just for that Apps either. I love MobileMe and I have a huge music collection (120GB+) and the Pre's 8GB is just not cutting it. Throw in video recording, voice control, copy/paste thats system wide and not just text input fields, and mobile safari is better than the Pre's browser. I even type faster on the iPhone than the Pre.

    Don't get me wrong the Pre is a good phone with a lot of potential but its not up to the iPhones level just yet.
    If I didn't loath AT&T I would have a iPhone right now
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    I'm with the others that have an iPod Touch and a Pre. Tethering my Pre to the iPod amuses me to no end.

    I love the iPod for a media device/toy, but I really wouldn't want it for my phone. The Pre is what I've been looking for all these years.

    Oh, and what others have said, AT&T is ridiculous with what they want for deposits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by badchad View Post
    Personally, I have no objection to the device itself, I just hate the "image" of the typical iphone user. It just screams "pretentious" IMO.

    There is a whole "hippy, liberal, new-age, I'm going to yoga and then meditation" attitude associated with the iphone that I can't stand. Everyone I know that has an iphone raves about the device and supports this anti-corporation, hippy attitude yet ironically owns the absolute icon of narcissistic, consumerist culture.

    This goes on top of Apple's idiotic (yet brilliant) ability to market things like copy and paste and voice dialing as new features.

    The "iphone culture" seems to revolve this idea of individual creativity and freedom, yet all the devices look identical. Apple tries to create an image of challenging the status quo, yet most fanboys worship Apple and fall right in line with whatever Apple says.

    Think different. Just like all the Apple people.

    The device is great, but I detest everything about the image it has created.
    Could not have stated this any better. I was trying to convince my buddy to get the Pre, but instead he goes for the iphone. It bothered me so much that I kind of gave him a verbal lashing. Had to explain to him while i believe the iphone is a good piece of hardware. He just joined the most obnoxious group of conformists.
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    Not surprised really...APple marketed the iPhone to seem like the end all device.

    I think its very overrated but a good phone. I find the Pre much better.
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    Another reason I wouldn't mind a sprint iPhone. Battery life.

    I had to go to the dealer for a repair. I knew they had wifi so I brought the disabled iPhone too. Here's my battery usage after 90min

    Pre 40%
    - SMS (a ton of em)
    - 2 calls
    - caught up on email

    iPhone 87%
    - wifi
    - 60min MLB Gameday audio of cubs scoring 14 in 2 innings
    - various video and audio podcasts (as we speak)
    - facebook app
    - kelley blue book to see value of my pilot (new one is NICE)
    - Pic of car to send wife. Yfrog - hdrq - Uploaded by Urkel (denied)
    - several games
    - browse pre central and post this

    overall I was heavily using the iPhone and it didn't even dent the battery. But the pre is desperately needing a charge to last until night.

    And as for the lack of multitasking, the only time it affected me was when listening to the game. The keyboard and screen size worked fine. I really do like my pre but babysitting that battery is getting old.
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    I think the real question is in 2 years when people are looking to upgrade and both phones will probably be available on sprint, will those who have a pre get the new version of the pre as their upgrade, the iphone, or whatever the new and hot phone is? In 2 years alot of the issues people are complaining about will most probably be fixed on some level so that's when the question will be most interesting.
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    Wow. Talk about a revolution guys. I'm getting all teary eyed...I believe Palm has indeed made their comeback. =] I'll keep my Pre anyday. Apple is extremely over rated. Had an iPod touch. Had it two days, pulled it out of my pocket and the screen was blue. Apple wouldn't let me swap it out. They tell me it was my fault. Not theres. No thanks. I'll take my Pre. =]
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