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    Quote Originally Posted by badchad View Post
    Personally, I have no objection to the device itself, I just hate the "image" of the typical iphone user. It just screams "pretentious" IMO.

    There is a whole "hippy, liberal, new-age, I'm going to yoga and then meditation" attitude associated with the iphone that I can't stand. Everyone I know that has an iphone raves about the device and supports this anti-corporation, hippy attitude yet ironically owns the absolute icon of narcissistic, consumerist culture.

    This goes on top of Apple's idiotic (yet brilliant) ability to market things like copy and paste and voice dialing as new features.

    The "iphone culture" seems to revolve this idea of individual creativity and freedom, yet all the devices look identical. Apple tries to create an image of challenging the status quo, yet most fanboys worship Apple and fall right in line with whatever Apple says.

    Think different. Just like all the Apple people.

    The device is great, but I detest everything about the image it has created.
    Really? I thought of the iphone as a kid's phone with a pretty dumb fanbase (in general). At least i didn't have to waste time hacking it like prior smartphones though. The web browser rocked til others caught up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sYnOnYx View Post
    People need to remember, the iphone is on its 3rd build. The Pre is still on 1st base. The apps will come, as well as the updates. Compare the 1st gen Iphone to the Pre.
    Even though I share you enthusiasm for the Pre, I can't let that statement go unchallenged. While what you're saying is technically true, that counts for absolutely nothing. If you're holding the Pre to iPhone first generation standards, then you're using old and outdated standards to try and defend a product. And while that may be fine among fanboys, that doesn't fly in the mobile phone market. Who actually bought the Pre with the expectation that it would take additional generations to match the 3GS? And besides, if one buys that argument, you're just giving Palm an excuse to always lag behind, as Apple had a multi-year head start, and that'll never change.
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    hell no
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    This is the wrong crowd for that question. I didn't think I'd switch companies for a phone, but I did and I'm happier than ever. The iPhone has been out for 3 years and I thought I never went for it, because I wasn't willing to change carriers. I now realize that the product, the iPhone just didn't convince me enough.

    One of our IT people was installing new software to my PC at work. He saw my Pre and said, "is that the Pre?" I replied, "yes."
    He stated he was trying to decide between the iPhone and the Pre and did I have any suggestions. I told him it depends on what he wants to use his phone for and advised him that the iPhone has plenty of apps, but when I checked they weren't productive apps for what I wanted to do.

    He said yes the iPhone has a lot of games. What do you like about the Pre?

    I quickly showed him multitasking, surfed the web, had my secretary send me a text, played Pandora, and deleted some e-mails. He was impressed.

    I generally don't steer people who are considering the iPhone to the Pre. I try to think of something nice about the iPhone, it's already obvious that I've chosen the Pre. However, if they sound like they're really trying to make a decision and want to know what I like about my phone, I'll show them.

    I can't compare the iPhone to the Pre. I've never had one and never played with one. I ask about applications that I am familiar with or similar apps that will do the same thing on the iPhone. The only productive app that has impressed me on the iPhone is the street view of Google Map. Again, we're the wrong crowd for this question.
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    I couldn't imagine going to an OS that limits me to 1 open app at a time. No question I'm ticking with the Pre.
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    I think for right now the iPhone is the better phone. I think the pre is still undelivered potential.
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    Yeah the multitasking thing rules...and WebOS has a golden future...Pre +1
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Really? I thought of the iphone as a kid's phone with a pretty dumb fanbase (in general).
    That's the Sidekick.

    Anyway, I'm not entirely sure. I like the multitasking, and I like the apps and video camera. I'm probably leaning more towards iPhone atm, but I'll vote down the middle, just because I'm not too sure.
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    i love my PRE...
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    Yes and no.

    I do like the iPhone HARDWARE, but think WebOS is a better platform.

    So, if I could get an iPhone on CDMA that could run WebOS.

    Until then, I'm pretty happy with my Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by janto50 View Post
    I couldn't imagine going to an OS that limits me to 1 open app at a time. No question I'm ticking with the Pre.
    I bought the 3gs and jailbroke it to use "backgrounder" which keeps apps open. Let me tell you that I can EASILY play pandora and surf the web, take calls (when done pandora starts again. I even used gps with turn by turn directions with voice and playing pandora in the back ground!

    The iphone 3gs is very easy to JB it and there are many VERY usefull JB apps that make this phone VERY sweet. And with 32GB vs 8 SMALL mb you just cant compare.

    I still have my pre and love it, but this 3gs is something else, it is so FAST and video recording is awesome. I can go on and on....
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    if i wanted an iphone i would have stayed with crappy att...
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    I have a jailbroken ipod touch and trust me, multitasking with it is second rate at best when compared to the pre. You still have to move complete in and out of apps, where as the pre's cards make the process so much more efficient. However, ipod touch/iphone is much better media player.
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    Not yet. But i'd seriously consider it for my next phone if palm didn't get in gear and start delivering apps and updates. I like it. it's a better os. i like the hardware but the battery is horrible on heavy use. And i like some of the homebrew stuff but no offense to them and their hard work a lot of those are things i don't even use and will barely use. And the audio management on the pre just sucks. it could easily be better. no idea why they don't mirror the ipod menu structure. that is genre, artist, album, song. hopefully they'll fix that. but things are coming up as duplicates. Rock and rock are apparently different Genres. i mean i like the phone, i love having a real keyboard and a flash on the camera but i hope this matures a lot faster. And i came to sprint largely because at&t is too much for me.
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    May get a little long-winded here, but bear with me.

    I own an iPod Touch (2nd gen) 16GB. I also have a Pre. Both really nice devices.

    A few months ago, I may have instantly said I'd buy an iPhone if it were available on Sprint. The bigger screen is nice. Sure, they have a lot of apps. Mostly solid hardware. And the prices make them a really good value since they get AT&T to subsidize them more than any other company does any other phone in the industry.

    And let's be REAL HONEST with each other: The Pre wowed us so much in January because it appeared that Palm had brought Apple-like flash and polish to Palm-esque functionality - a match made in heaven. Admit it.

    But since I got the Pre, I cannot go to a phone that is a mere app launcher that I have little to no control over. That works as a media player because there are relatively few apps you need to launch (e.g. Safari, iPod/video). But for a smartphone when I could use 10-12 interrelated functions at different times on a given day? No. I can't change the appearance without voiding my warranty? Same for choosing apps? No thanks.

    That being said...I think iPhone is a better PHONE right now. I'm talking strictly phone functionality. Not Synergy (great). Not multitasking (awesome). But strictly making a phone call, Pre - 2.5 months out - still has some rather annoying issues for me.

    You can ostensibly answer calls by opening the slider and making that cool click. Well, except when you can't. Because at random times for me, it does NOTHING to answer the call when I open the slider. At that point, there is nothing you can do because no onscreen answer button APPEARS much less works. So then you have to wait for the call to be missed, and tap when it prompts you to dial them back.

    Except there's lag, so sometimes by the time your call gets out, they are already calling you again. And speaking of lag, the lag and stutter in the "Missed Calls/All Calls" list is INEXCUSABLE. I'm sorry, but Palm should've made sure that the PHONE app was silky smooth and lag and stutter free before all others. 1.1 sped up the browser and some of the menus, but did nothing to fix this.

    Then, there's the fact that the unlock functionality still covers the caller ID. Or that sometimes the screen doesn't shut off properly because I find myself looking at a Contacts page for the caller when I hang up. Or that there's a slight lag when dialing numbers with the touchscreen (Hey, I just came from the resistive screen Instinct S30, and the phone functionality murdered the Pre in its current state even though the Pre is capacitive, has a better OS, a better processor, and more memory.)

    Don't get me wrong. MOST times, the phone app on Pre works ok. But "most" isn't good enough. And neither is "ok". And's made me think of jumping ship for the Hero when it arrives in October. While I've read the reports of lag, I've watched many a YouTube of it in action and it seems snappier and quicker at launching apps than the Pre. Will Palm get there (or at iPhone 3GS smoothness) at some point? Maybe. Maybe I will hang around to find out. Maybe not.

    It's a shame too, because I really, really like the device overall. Palm got a lot right. It is really filled with promise. And Apple's app store isn't much of an advantage for me because I don't like using only a touchscreen for 3D games, and all of their most useful apps are either as good on Android (e.g. Shazam, Facebook) or better on Android (Google Maps). And compared to the Pre, Hero has lots of useful apps NOW. Hero has more developer support NOW. Hero has a fully-featured music app NOW. An ad-free graphical weather native app NOW. A better battery and battery life NOW. Again, Palm will probably get most of these things down the line. But October 11 is just 60 days away, and in the 60+ days since the Pre launch, not enough has happened. The App Catalog is beta. The context-free menus are still beta (Cut/Copy/Paste in the text field-free "Location Services". Really, Palm?). The phone app is definitely beta.

    Bottom line, the Pre has to start working better and more robustly as a phone, or I'll get rid of it and maybe check out a future WebOS device with better hardware/specs along with a much more mature WebOS.
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    No for me. I think the Iphone is a fabulous device, but the Pre is more of what I need. I can't stand the onscreen keyboard and the very limited multi-tasking of the Iphone. I'd go Winmo again or Android and probably BB before I went to the Iphone.
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    I wouldn't take an Iphone unless Apple paid me $1,000,001.99 to own the thing... After taxes... Lol You can't get any better than a hacker friendly Pre!

    Keep brewing all Ye Homebrew Underground!
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    naw but the hero looks pretty awesome.
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    Pre, Nuff Said!
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    i had an iphone and it was fun for awhile. when i first got it my co-workers used to make fun of me cause it was so huge. id be strutting into work with my iphone at my side. kinda like a gun slinger with his gun this huge leather hostler. after awhile i got kinda tired of carry such a huge phone. yes i will admit it does have a bunch of fun apps. but that's all it really has over the pre. now i just carry my pre in me levis small coin pocket. no-more huge leather case at my side. and the multi-tasking totally rocks over the iphone. even with the iphone jailbraked. it does not multi-task no were near like the pre. so it's pre for me
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