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    If given a choice for what I would prefer TODAY then I'd go for an iPhone on Sprint simply because it's a finished product that does everything it's meant to do.

    Some people have described Pre users as Beta testers and it's true because the Pre may be good right now but it's not close to being the smooth rock solid device it's going to mature into. Hopefully they'll use that data they collect from us to improve things quick.

    I know this will upset the Palm defenders, but for me (Repeat: ME. Not YOU) then moving from the iPhone strictly to the Pre would be a downgrade. But because of tethering then I'm actually having an awkwardly smooth transition because I use the Pre as my primary but tether in the iPhone to use Sprint 3G for when I need to get certain things done. I WANT to have a single phone but until Palm starts doing some major updates and app releases then I need to carry two devices.
  2. ame
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    I am a typical apple fan-girl. Until the iPhone, they could do no wrong in my eyes. To say I was disappointed with the iPhone is a huge understatement. I expected SO MUCH from that phone so all my hopes were dashed. The apps don't really make any difference to me, it's the functionality that annoys me.
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    What is a "Though decision" ???
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    I like the 32GB or memory and the larger pool of apps at the moment (and probably forever). But really, I refuse to be limited to approved apps and the prospect of having my phone bricked by updates if I choose to not comply with Apple's unreasonable terms. So I'd stick with the Pre.
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    While the IPhone is a nice device it's still an Apple device. I did not buy my Pre because I needed yet another mp3 player or wanted to be the cool kid on the block. I got it because it’s a phone that has a lot of potential on a fast data network.
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    I love my apple products, all my of computers are mac.... but to me the iphone is a glorified pda that happens to make phone calls and that's not what I'm looking for.
  7. DNic's Avatar
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    Wouldn't happen.
  8. Clack's Avatar
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    HTC Hero.

    'nuff said.
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    Refuse to give the Jobs Reality Distortion Machine any of my money. :P
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    If iPhone was available on Sprint I would drop the Pre so fast your head would spin. The Pre's advantages in multitasking and its nicer shape and keyboard just dont even come close to making up for the vastly superior selection of applications on iPhone.

    The Pre is the best phone available on a half decent carrier, but it has a long way to go compared to iPhone. If there was no AT&T lock in, iPhone would be a no brainer.
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    Where's the "Hell no" option?

    J/k. My major iPhone complaints were resolved in recent updates, etc - most of them anyway. The many times I've barely accidentally brushed against the wrong part of the screen and activated the wrong thing, I figure that virtual keyboard would kick my @$$.

    Apples's tight grip concerns me, too.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
  12. Leke's Avatar
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    To be honest the iPhone on such a solid fast network would kill any device out in the market. The only thing impressing me with the pre is the multitaks. I "pre"fer the screen size of the iPhone and it has a plethora of applications, none of which the Pre has yet. And quite frankly its a fun device, I currently own a 2nd gen jailbroken iPod Touch...
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    iPhone on Sprint? oh please, oh please! The only reason I have a Pre is because Att&t wanted an $800.00 deposit for an iPhone plan. Massive app catalog, opengl support, slick interface etc. If Sprint carries the iPhone eventually, I would drop the Pre like a bad habit.
  14. JFGABEL's Avatar
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    I would stay with the Pre for the following reasons:
    1. Multitasking
    2. Shape and size of the phone.
    3. So far it is an open platform. One of the more open ones anyway.
    4. Apple has done some stupid things of late which irritate me.
  15. urkel's Avatar
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    Its interesting how many people dislike the iPhone because of Apples tight grip. Yet, despite their sensationalized restrictions the iPhone is a platform with hundreds of thousands of apps on it so how restrictive are they really? While the common defense for the Pre is their openness, they probably won't hit iPhones numbers for a while.

    Obviously the argument is for the future of these platforms but considering that Palms adversaries in app oriented phone OS's are Microsoft, Apple and Google then there's no guarantee the best 'open platform' will deliver the goods. There's a reason so many choose OS X and Windows over Linux.
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    I kinda see both Apple and Goggle as today's big bad Microsofts so I choose not to do business with either.
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    I switched to Sprint specifically for the Pre... so, no. No iPhone for me, thanks.
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    Personally, I have no objection to the device itself, I just hate the "image" of the typical iphone user. It just screams "pretentious" IMO.

    There is a whole "hippy, liberal, new-age, I'm going to yoga and then meditation" attitude associated with the iphone that I can't stand. Everyone I know that has an iphone raves about the device and supports this anti-corporation, hippy attitude yet ironically owns the absolute icon of narcissistic, consumerist culture.

    This goes on top of Apple's idiotic (yet brilliant) ability to market things like copy and paste and voice dialing as new features.

    The "iphone culture" seems to revolve this idea of individual creativity and freedom, yet all the devices look identical. Apple tries to create an image of challenging the status quo, yet most fanboys worship Apple and fall right in line with whatever Apple says.

    Think different. Just like all the Apple people.

    The device is great, but I detest everything about the image it has created.
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    wouldn't even give it a second thought at this point. the pre is half baked, and I feel like I was duped my palm for assuming that the pre could everything my treo could do and then some. This was a down grade from my 755p.
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    People need to remember, the iphone is on its 3rd build. The Pre is still on 1st base. The apps will come, as well as the updates. Compare the 1st gen Iphone to the Pre.

    I love the multitasking. I cant do a touchscreen keyboard either.

    Apples Antics lately have been dissapointing.

    I say grab some popcorn, we still have yet to see how both devices are going to evolve.

    But I would take my Pre anyday !
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