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    So as many of you know the palm pre was available to employee plans this Monday. I am on an employee advantage plan with someone I know so I had to wait till now to get my pre. Called monday ordered it, received the phone today. I got home late so the phone is not yet activated, but I did notice something disturbing. When the slide is closed the screen has the dreaded wobble effect, but when the phone has the slider open it's solid. I wanted to get insight from you guys here if I should send it in asap for another unit or should I just try it out for a few weeks to see if it gets worse?

    Also I have read the thread entitled "Replacement Pre= AMAZING build!!!" by wordweaver, hoping that palm would have better units out by now but I guess not. Even though I wasn't able to activate it yet I was able to check my build "warranty" date which was 08/03. Thanks for reading, i'm just excited to finally get my pre but at the same time bummed that I need to exchange it already because the screen wobbles clockwise about 1 cm noticeably.
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    same here, but mine's coming tomorrow! today! :P i hope mine turns out ok >.< 1cm?? not 1mm?
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    ok maybe a few mm close to one 1cm, enough to notice a change in form when closed. Thanks for the clear up avadyn.
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    that oreo effect got worst on mine with time and it is hard to get sprint to replace it for just that. Thank god I bought from best buy and under 30 days
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    so do u guys think i should exchange it? or should I just wait because I still have 30 days to exchange it?

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