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    Hi everyone--
    I am soliciting opinions and information...

    I need advice on whether I should keep or get rid of my Pre, which I have had since launch.

    Ever since the novelty wore off (I still like the device, but the 'ooh shiny' period ended about a month ago), I have been growing increasingly frustrated with the device.

    It just seems so SLOOOOW. When someone calls me, for example, it takes about 3-4 seconds before my phone even responds and shows me that caller ID. Today, someone called me, and I tried to ignore their call with the ignore button on the top of the advice, and my device just froze-- and didn't register the action until about 20 seconds later.

    If I try and search for a contact from the dial pad, it will take about 5-7 seconds AFTER typing before results will show up.

    Similarly, when pressing an icon (like messaging or email for example), there will be a good 5 second gap between pressing the button and the application opening.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or are my expectations just too high? I know this is a first-gen device, but I have tried other first-gen touch devices (iPhone classic for example), and didn't get this kind of lag.

    I know it doesn't seem like much, but if I need to make a call urgently or send off a text, waiting that additional time is just infuriating. Maybe I'm better off with a Blackberry or something snappier?

    I love all other aspects of my Pre-- its just that this slowness is killing me. Any tips? Or suggestions for quicker phones?
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    The final decision will be up to you. I don't really have much to compare to, I came from an HTC Touch. I would think that anywhere from 5-10 sec. is not a very long time to complete any tasks you mentioned. However like I said, it's all about what you want...Do a list of Pros and Cons...that always helps me with my decisions. Whatever your decision, at least you gave it a chance!
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    i can understand some of your frustrations since I too get annoyed that it takes a few seconds to answer a phone call sometimes, but for me the benefits waaaaay outweigh the negatives. The Pre will only get better over time as new updates come out, but if you're that frustrated, then maybe its just not the phone for you at the moment. Most people on here read the forums because they have or want a Pre. Obviously these people like the Pre enough that they wouldn't tell you to get rid of the phone, but like anything else, its a preference thing. If it doesn't meet your needs, then get rid of it. Maybe you can sell it to someone that will actually appreciate it.
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    I like it well enough to pay 15 a month for the line (with pick 3, unlimited text and has its uses) and the Pre itself was only 99. But its more of a toy right now in beta and nothing i want to depend on when being productive.
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    My experience with access to contacts and opening apps has been completely different. Much more responsive, e.g., 1-2 secs or almost instantaneous. My only complaint is if the phone is "off" and I need to turn it on, there is such a looong boot time!!

    You might want to compare with another Pre owner (a timed test, if you will) to see if your phone is the "culprit."

    I upgraded from the Instinct and am so happy with the Pre. It does so much more, so elegantly!
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    There is a lag, I noticed that too on my pre but as schnoid and others have and will state, at the end of the day it's your decision. If the negatives **** you off enough to not care about its positives, then you should consider your other options. But overall, being a first gen and all, I'm quite happy with it and wouldn't trade it.
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    I can understand the frustration! I am on my 7th Pre now! I have returned two that froze. Two for bad screens. One for an endless loop. Two wouldn't even make it out of the Sprint store due to programming issues. Now this one's reception just took a ****. Yesterday in Walmart, with the local Regional Sprint Rep right there, my Pre showed full bars, I dialed and it said NO SIGNAL. I could send or receive texts or calls. He was shocked. I had to get my TRACphone out of my car to call my really pissed off wife by that time. My reception is sooo bad on this compared to all my other phones. It is a love hate relationship! I love the multitasking, but hate the slow speed, lack of signal, lack of options my TREO had and ****ty customer service with Sprint. I bought my wife the new iPhone and it is sooo much faster. apps are faster, nicer screen, all around better phone. The browser was even much faster. I don't know what is happening, but Palm needs a really awesome update really fast, because the Sprint Rep said he would give me a full refund and give me for free a new HTC Touch or Blackberry, whichever I want. I love my Pre, in some ways, and hate it more than any other phone in others.

    Good luck. I am sure I am swapping mine this week. Almost getting a divorce over no reception was the final straw I am sure.
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    My phone is no where near that laggy. Have you tried leaving the apps open? Leave the Phone app open all the time and see how it performs.

    Getting divorced over a lack of cell signal is kind of ridiculous, don't go into the county, or that iPhone just won't work. :P
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    Just to add a little perspective in the opposite direction, I have been very happy with my Pre. It has been rock solid in regards to stability, and I find it to be every bit as productive as any other smartphone out there (and this is not my first smartphone). I really don't get all of the negativity and complaining that fills this forum all of the time.
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    When is the last time you rebooted it? Mine gets a bit laggy at times as well but it seems better for me if I keep my applications closed. I just launch them as needed and it seems much better overall when I need it.
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    i got an equation for you to solve.
    take the phone that you will use to replace your pre - All features you will give up while not being on the pre.
    Then take the pre - slowness. keep the one with the highest result!
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    Mine doesn't seem nearly as laggy as the OP's. I happen to have no homebrew or anything of that nature though. I also do a reset once a day. (Orange + Sym + R)

    Hope this helps. I don't think the Pre should be that laggy. Mine sure isn't.
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    Ive learned if u delete messages email, call logs that will speed everything up. just what i have found to work
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    is he build of the device.. get it replaced... message to OP
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Paladin View Post
    When is the last time you rebooted it? Mine gets a bit laggy at times as well but it seems better for me if I keep my applications closed. I just launch them as needed and it seems much better overall when I need it.
    Mighty good point. That's what I do occasionally, as well. Reboots work wonders.

    If it's really bad, maybe an exchange is in-order.
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    yeah the 5 second lag is annoying as hell but i can live with it
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    Sounds like what your looking for is a blackberry. Almost all the touch screen phones I've owned, G1, iphone, BB Storm and pre...there's a lag or at least mis hits and backspacing that slows me down. There's nothing faster and affirming then a good old real plastic button.
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    I experience the same lag when answering a phone call, but I've noticed that you can actually talk and hear the other person even though the UI hasn't yet caught up.

    So the phone application has launched, but the UI hasn't caught up.

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