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    Ok, twice this week I went to use my phone and it was in not operating.

    I have no idea how to reboot it, but both times it came on after a while.

    JUST now..I was sitting at my laptop on the breakfast phone was 2 feet away and I see it light up for the boot screen. So, that means it rebooted without even being touched.

    I guess I take it back and get a replacement? Do they move over my files for me or do I have to do that?
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    Do you feel special sharing your experience in a completely separate thread than the one with 50 replies in it?
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    and what are you, Imeth, the forum god? Give a guy a break that he wants to actually get noticed.

    I had this problem and took it to a sprint store. My problem was hardware related. As it was described to me there is a "ribbon" that is near the camera lens. When you open the keybord it is possible to disconnect this ribbon, or at least partially. Be easy when opening the keyboard.

    My pre is being replaced, It is working but not fitted together correctly.
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    Having same issue, sprint is being an [edited] about replacing it so I'm not sure what's next. Random problem and the Manager is a Richard at the store that's a "repair" center here in Tucson. Yah what's with the self appointed important people here..that make them feel big or something...what a joke
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    I am having this same problem since 1.1. Random shut downs about 3-5 times a day.

    I called Sprint tonight and they are sending a replacement. They told me that if the replacement is not new I can send it back for yet another.

    - Craig

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