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    Okay, this isn't an issue, it's just weird.
    I normally start my day by going to the gym and using Pandora during my workout. After the gym, I hook up my Pre to aux cable and listen to Pandora on the way to work. When I get to work, I put my Pre on my Touchstone and listen to Pandora, a news Podcast , or audible.

    Today, I didn't go to the gym and had back to back meetings so I never turned on Pandora. I took my Pre off the Touchstone at home and listened to a CD in the car.

    At lunch I checked my battery and I was still at 100%. I had received no calls, no texts, and no e-mails.

    I went back to work and had back to back conferences with staff until 4:00 pm. I checked my Pre and it still showed 100% battery life.

    I checked my e-mail and it showed no mail since 6:49 am. I knew that couldn't be correct. Pulled up my calendar and it didn't show the weather. Clicked on web browser, nothing. Pulled up Pandora and while it was coming up, I received alerts for new e-mails (14).

    None of the e-mails were critical, but I'm surprised that they didn't come up when I clicked to check on my e-mail. None of the updates came through until I pulled up an app that required a lot of connection (internet) juice.

    I still haven't charged my battery and every since pulling up and closing Pandora, I've been getting new e-mails. My battery is now at 81%.

    It's just weird. It seems like the Pre went into a safe or airplane mode and decided not to pull down battery power for apps like e-mail if I wasn't using or touching the phone. I didn't miss any calls and I wouldn't have been able to respond to e-mails anyway.
    BTW, the e-mails were my Precentral thread e-mails. Again none were critical and I wouldn't have responded between meetings or conferences anyway.

    What's weird and coincidental is that I was on my computer comparing spare batteries for the Pre this morning (instead of going to the gym). Trying to decide between standard Pre battery, the Seidio, or the Amzer. I don't want to give up my touchstone convenience and it appears that Amzer and Sedio both have batteries that fit with the current back cover and charge with the Touchstone.
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    To the OP: sounds like "Ghosts In The Shell"!!! I just stsrted using the TS charger about a week ago. Up until then my Pre was pertty smooth running. After I started to use the TS I've been getting some pertty weird this going on from time to time. The other day I took my Pre off of the TS and went to work. About 3 hours in I noticed that my battery icon still had the lighting bolt displayed like it was still charging. And once in a while it will lock up for a few seconds and the home button will stay on. Only advice I can give is do a soft reset. When my Pre starts acting up that usaully fixes it for me, aleast for a few days any way.
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    Originally posted by TWC_SouthPhilly:
    . . .Only advice I can give is do a soft reset. When my Pre starts acting up that usually fixes it for me, at least for a few days any way.
    Thanks for the advice. I did a reset tonight. We'll see what happens tomorrow, but it's unlikely that I'll have a second day w/o Pandora or playing with my Pre throughout the day.
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    I went to my google account on my laptop and turned the weather on in the calendar and then synced my phone but it still wont show up on my Pre...what am I missing?

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