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    I keep reading that I should be using Wi-Fi whenever possible to conserve battery power. However, if I turn Wi-Fi on the phone says it is searching for networks. If the phone does not find a network and keeps searching, am I not using more battery power? Kinda like when I'm be in a poor reception area and the phone keeps looking for better reception?

    I guess when I turn on Wi-Fi and can't find a network to link with, I turn it off because I am using more battery power. Is this right?
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    I've noticed that for heavy internet use, Wi-Fi preserves my battery life especially when I'm in a poor reception area. However, I noticed that while off the touchstone or not charging by the USB cable, the Wi-Fi radio turns off when the phone sleeps. So any benefit is lost while the phone is sleeping (idle). It seems to defeat the purpose, but maybe it will be on option to stay on someday. I don't really see a longer battery life when I'm in a strong reception area, though. However, my work and home Wi-Fi speeds are much higher than Evdo, so I use Wi-Fi for speed in that scenario rather than battery life.

    I recommend going through a day or two not using Wi-Fi at all and then the same using Wi-Fi whenever you're near a router and see which works best for you in terms of battery life. Reception seems to play a major role, so what works in your day to day may be different than mine. Good luck!
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    Yep, I think that's about right. Use the Wi-Fi (instead of the mobile network) if you have a consistent connection ... turn it off when you're traveling.

    I like that Palm put the network connections where you can get at it with one touch. I think it saves power to turn off connections that you're not using, so I tend to toggle both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on/off depending on where I am.
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    Only use wifi where there is wifi don't leave it on if there is no wifi.
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    but if you are in a wifi zone, don't leave wifi on if you are not going to use it. if you keep turning your phone on and off to check notifications, calls, texts....anything but web...waking up the wifi to connect to router will use power when u don't even need that router.
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