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    Is it at all possible to do?? I am going nuts trying to research this i dont use outlook and dont want all the emails from my gmail account to be loaded I only want the phone numbers from my simin my iphone. I backed up the contacts to windows address book wab file and dont know how to put it into palm pre any help would be great.
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    Probably the easiest way to do it without touching google is to use the Palm transfer assistant. But you'll need to sync your Iphone to outlook first. I know you said you don't use it but you can do it temporarily just for the transfer. If you don't have outlook, you can download a trial edition of office from Microsoft. I used outlook to get both my memos and contacts to my Pre using the assistant.

    Here's a link to the Palm utility:
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    Thank you very much ill give it a shot I have microsoft office on my pc but i never use outlook ijust gmail and such ill try your advice thanks for the speedy response

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