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    O&A works for me via the original instructions in the first post.
    I just searched for "opie & anthony".
    No Howard though.
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    I had a few locations that I used to go to for the Howard 101 stream, but they are all down now. Oh well... it was good while it lasted. You can't seriously expect a company to allow themselves to be robbed of a paid service forever.
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    I'm actually going to purchase a subscription for the duration of Howard's stay on Sirius, but only if the Pre will work for internet streaming like we have been able to do all this time. I was told by Sirius' Customer Service that the Pre won't work, only the Blackberry and a few other phones that have apps for Sirius. I'm not going to purchase the receiver.

    If all else fails, I'll still stream older shows from those other sites. I really did feel bad that whole time getting Stern for free, and I would have paid if it would stream from the Pre, which I'm trying to figure out how to do now.

    Any ideas?
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millie View Post
    I pay for Siruis & I pay extra for the internet stream...but before finding this website, I still couldn't listen on the Pre. Thanks OP!

    Well, I guess you answered my question. So it's a no go on the Pre, huh?

    Dag nabbit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oscarvictor View Post
    Anyone know what happened to No more Howard or Opie & Anthony. Only music.
    From what I can gather by their twitter account, it has to do with a DMCA. So, he must of got a request to stop broadcasting the two shows.

    We need a SiriusXM app for the Pre pronto!
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