View Poll Results: Vs other phones that you have owned, How careful are you with your Pre.

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  • Less Careful

    4 2.58%
  • Same

    48 30.97%
  • More Careful

    67 43.23%
  • I am so careful with my Pre GOD himself could not take her down.

    36 23.23%
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    Just a quick poll to see if I am the only one that has NEVER taken more care with a phone than my Pre.
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    Oh, I treat mine like it was made of egg shells. I wish it had a wrist lanyard, I'm paranoid about dropping it onto concrete or other hard surface.
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    I'm pretty careful with mine, but not much more than I was with my previous smartphones (bunch of Treos/Centro, HTC TP). I would say that I've been slightly more careful with the Pre and the TP than the others, mostly because of the nicer screens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by powerbyte View Post
    Just a quick poll to see if I am the only one that has NEVER taken more care with a phone than my Pre.
    As careful as I am with any 500.00 piece of technology. I dont baby it but i am protecting my investment. My Kids are not alowed near it unles I am holding it with them next to me playing a gam eor watching a Video.

    I have a hard case on it, screen protector and use the leather pouch that came with it.
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    I'm extremely careful. I've always "babied" my devices but even more so with the Pre. The slider, the large touch screen, and the shiny surfaces all combine to make me worry about what could happen.
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    Mine just did a swan dive off the toilet paper holder whilst I was 'doing my duty', did a double back flip and landed square on the front screen. Not a scratch. I also dropped it while trying to make a call in the grocery store the other day. Nada. It's flown off my car seat so many times I can't keep track. Still Nada. I love my InvisibleShield!

    But, for some reason, and not because it was dropped, the plastic that holds the USB port cover broke off and now I have to just stick the cover in and keep track of it when it's out.
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    Not to go off track, but what hard case are you using that fits in the leather pouch that came with it. I tried getting a hard case few weeks ago but it wouldn't fit in the pouch so I did not buy it.
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    I voted same but I have always taken very good care of my Phones.

    I don't think I'm over cautious with use but do always have a Screen Protector and Skin on most of my Phones. I kept my Instinct and now the Pre in a Golla bag and that helps a god bit but is still very easy to get in and out for use.

    I had a great set of GelSkins on my Instinct but haven't found that type for the Pre so I went with just a SkinIt back and generic Screensaver for the front.

    I think using the TouchStone helps a good bit as well as the Charging Port is not in the ideal location
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    I'm VERY hard on cell phones. I don't use cases, screen protectors, and I have been known to drop them on occasion. I haven't treated the pre any different than any of my other phones.

    So far my phone has been dropped on asphalt from a couple feet (not a scratch and I have no idea how), had beer spilled on it, and lives it's life in my front pocket. Two months and is still is going strong.

    That said, I expect that I will own the next gen Palm when it comes out so I might not be the best person to talk to about phone care.
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    I have owned MANY phones over the years, and it always seems that I drop it in the same place, the same way...the first time I drop it. It is always a dirt/gravel parking lot (There are a LOT of them here in Ocala) And the reason I do that is because I keep my phone on my lap and then forget about it!
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    I really don't know why I put "Less Careful" as a choice...I think you would be a dope if you were less careful with your Pre.
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    Lol @ powerbyte! Man, I have dropped this thing at least ten times alread I am real glad I got the full body IS; it seems to protect it a bit. But I don't really like the way it fits.

    But my pre is looking alright!
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    I am equally careful with all my tech gadgets - VERY anal. Until the first booboo. My pre is still pristine so I'm very conscientious.
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    Well, I would've voted for the "most careful" option, but wasn't about to make the same mistake as the Titanic's designers and say God couldn't take her down
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    I am extremely careful with my pre. Every interaction with it is systematic. From accessing the key board to using the touch screen. Do not get me started with the "mirror"!!! I typically hate smudges so I am obsessively cleaning it. I think I have to go see a shrink about my impending "Pre-OCD"
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    I was excessively careful with my Treo 650 as it had a very slick case....This improved on the Treo 755p, which had some sort of rubberized coating, but unfortunately got even worse on the Pre, which feels as if Palm actively tried to make the thing slick! I love the phone, but hate the feel of holding it.
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    Kid gloves here.
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    I try to be careful as I can with the thing, mostly I keep it in the cloth case whenever it's not in use (especially in my pockets). but I'm terribly clumsy.

    I've dropped the thing or had it fall more times then I can count, pretty sure it entered double digits a while ago.

    it's like a cat, though, never landing on the front screen.

    I'm a lucky *******, considering this is my 9th phone or so in almost 3yrs. well, 10th if you count the pre exchange I did last month (stuck pixels).

    no scratches at all anywhere on this thing.
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    Unfortunately the design of the phone makes me feel the need to be extra cautious. I've had a touch screen phone before (The LG Dare) which never really bothered me. I think its the slight oreo effect of the display screen which gives me the impression it could fall off some day.

    I think the material of the case doesn't help either, feels very weak. After upgrading to the Seido 2600 extended battery with custom back I've felt a whole lot more secure in taking my pre out in the wild.
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    I'm so careful I actually had a nightmare that my gf pushed me into a table while my phone was in my pocket in the fleece like case and it had a scratch on it. In this nightmare I tried to scratch off the scratch creating many perpendicular scratches. The nightmare felt so real but when I woke up to my phone in the case and took it out I was actually relieved to see it in perfect new condition. On a related note my gf thinks I'm obsessed with this phone. I don't take it out of the car when I go to the beach or softball games. I find myself commenting repeatedly on that now that I have a phone that does everything there are many times when I'd use my normally trashed and scratched cell phone to make and receive calls but now I'm phoneless due to my extreme caution.
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