View Poll Results: Vs other phones that you have owned, How careful are you with your Pre.

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  • Less Careful

    4 2.58%
  • Same

    48 30.97%
  • More Careful

    67 43.23%
  • I am so careful with my Pre GOD himself could not take her down.

    36 23.23%
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyrath View Post
    Oh, I treat mine like it was made of egg shells. I wish it had a wrist lanyard, I'm paranoid about dropping it onto concrete or other hard surface.
    As careful as I am, I dropped mine down 4 cement stairs yesterday. Other than a few nicks, it's fine. Whew! No complaints about build quality here. {ProfJonathan}
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    Okay who are the smarty pants that voted less careful....SHOW YOURSELVES!!!
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    Man, I dropped her thrice last night because she is soooo small! I keep her screen protector, case or anything. She just goes in a pocket. Its just tough to handle her with my big hands sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjparfekt View Post
    I'm so careful I actually had a nightmare that my gf pushed me into a table while my phone was in my pocket in the fleece like case and it had a scratch on it. In this nightmare I tried to scratch off the scratch creating many perpendicular scratches. The nightmare felt so real but when I woke up to my phone in the case and took it out I was actually relieved to see it in perfect new condition. On a related note my gf thinks I'm obsessed with this phone. I don't take it out of the car when I go to the beach or softball games. I find myself commenting repeatedly on that now that I have a phone that does everything there are many times when I'd use my normally trashed and scratched cell phone to make and receive calls but now I'm phoneless due to my extreme caution.
    I actually had a nightmare about the "Oreo" twist......
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    the Pre is my first smart phone so I take SUCH good care of it. I think I would cry if anything happened to it. I just want it to stay perfect.
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    I'm very careful with mine. It's my precious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjpatel View Post

    Not to go off track, but what hard case are you using that fits in the leather pouch that came with it. I tried getting a hard case few weeks ago but it wouldn't fit in the pouch so I did not buy it.
    Rocketfish hard case it snaps on & the Pre fits perfectly in the leather pouch with it on, IN fact, with teh hard case on the Pre , the pre will Not slip out of the leather pouch so easily as it could before
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    Guess I'm one of the few "less careful" people. I have an InvisibleShield on mine and I don't really worry about my phone. I've dropped it onto tile and hardwood floors plenty of times. It's the concrete I'm worried about.

    The phone isn't that fragile. Palm did make the Treos, most of which are rock solid.
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    Invisible shield, TS back, neoprene case w/ a hard screen shield, and a foam-and-rubber lined mini-Pelican box for the truly rough stuff.

    Yet I almost voted "Same" compared to my 700p - because prior to that I trashed a long line of less useful phones and I really don't want to go through that hassle again...
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    The Pre is a beast! Takes a beatin and still looks great.
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