View Poll Results: How often do you charge your Pre in a normal 24 hour day?

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  • 1 time per day

    74 50.34%
  • 2 times per day

    46 31.29%
  • 3 times per day

    13 8.84%
  • 4 or more times per day

    14 9.52%
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    I see a lot of post from people still saying they are getting poor battery performance and they have to recharge a few times during a 24 hour period.

    Question: how often do you have to recharge your Pre during a "normal" day?

    As an example, M-F (i.e. work days), I tend to be at my desk where I have Phone/Internet/Music though my laptop, so I don't use my phone very hard. On those days, I can make it on 1 overnight charge. Weekends are another story...

    Note: this is not a scientific study, but I think it would be nice to get a better idea on how the battery is working for people.

    (Aug 11 @ 11PM: 104 votes-56% charge 1x/day, 31% 2x/day, 5% 3x/day, 9% +4x/day)
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    .75. I forget to charge my phone, a lot. I can get through an entire business day with about 75% left.
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    I charge my phone whenever I'm near a charger.. (i.e. in the office, in the car, next to my bed..)

    It doesn't really need it, but still ends up getting 3-4 charges/day.
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    1 commute to work
    2 at work
    3 commute home
    4 at home

    Essentially I have to keep it charged at all times because I've ended up with a dead batt so many times that I'm paranoid.

    BTW. I've been at the mechanic for the last 20min and am already down to 40% due to heavy usage.
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    2. Charge once in the afternoon at work, and again at night.
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    I put 2 times, but while I'm at work I keep it on the Touchstone most of the day. I'm counting that as 1 charge. Then I charge it again when I go to bed. I could probably get away with not charging it at night, but might as well keep it topped off.
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    I charge it overnight. It lasts me through the day so long as I'm not on the phone more than a couple of hours (looong Los Angeles commutes!).
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    Overnight if I remember, ever since I have turned on cpu scaling my battery has lasted on average about 30+ hours with moderate use.

    I took it off at 8am today and its now 4:45 and I still have 75%
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    I guess a few times but not because it needs it...I have a touchstone at home and one at work, and I tend to leave it on at home from about 10 til I get up and at work usually most of the day.
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    I charge it a few times aday but it doesn't really need it like diomark said. From 7:00am to 3:00pm it is will only go down to 80-85%. I have fogotten to charge it at all and I can easily get it to last 2 full days. By 7:00pm the next day it will be about 10% left.
    This is with full screen brightness and email set to receive ever hour.
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    I voted for two times a day, although so far I've been able to make it through the day with sufficient battery and charge it overnight. It really depends on usage, though.
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    Wow I just put mine on the charger when I go to sleep and take it off when I wake for work and it lasts me all day until I go to bed again lol ...

    I say those who are charging constantly either have a def battery, never primed it to begin with or are roaming which we all know destroys the battery
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    I have gone all day with 1 charge while at the Parks at WDW. This is really the only time I'm at long periods with out a TouchStone close by.

    Normal day for me is Take off TS arounf 7am , Right on Car one by 8am then during the day I'm in and out of the CompVan charging when need but normally just sitting on TS. then when I get home it goes back on for a topoff while I eat dinner. Even if I go out for the night it normally never falls below 50%.

    I run Pandora some but mostly Twitter SMS and Tweed with AccuWeather and E-mail always on-card .

    I do very little calling and mostly Text but do also keep WiFI anf BT up and running. I also have 3 E-mails refreshing at every 15 min.
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    It's not unusual for me to charge it several times throughout the day just because I like to keep it topped off.

    I have noticed much better battery life since the last update so I'm not as concerned about it as I was before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrissurra View Post
    Overnight if I remember, ever since I have turned on cpu scaling my battery has lasted on average about 30+ hours with moderate use.

    I took it off at 8am today and its now 4:45 and I still have 75%
    Does CPU scaling require rooting?

    I put down 2. I can normally get through the day with one overnight charge, but when I am and at my desktop I plop it down on my touchstone. There are generally like 3-5 of these little 15min charges, so I count that as one charge.
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    if you have poor battery performance...take it in to a authorized repair center. i did, after noticing my 2nd pre's batter life barely lasting 4 hrs! they gave me a new battery, and so far so good. anyway, now its 434 pm and i took my phone off charger at i have54?% left. but thats burning up the phone, email, text, phone, mytether, and 1 1/2 of stereo bluetooh music in the gym.
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    So far, 1X/day but I'm not using it too much - my vacation to Yellowstone in September will be the true test.
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    I will probably try out the seidio 1350 mA battery once school starts up.
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    I have a Touchstone at work and a Touchstone at home. If I'm not using it at work or when I go to bed, it's resting on the charger. Otherwise, it's with me with no battery issues. I did find out that I used most of the battery taking 300+ pictures at a car show, but I had plent of juice to make it back home (2 hour drive) and take a few calls.
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    I have two batteries and I burn through those b****** by the end of my work day. I get horrible battery life. I was never told of any type of "break in period" for my batteries. Is there anything I can do to fix it now? I cant go more than about 5-6 hours on one battery. I have to shut off everything from Rev A to GPS to e-mail just to make it through the day. Whats the point of buying a smartphone if you cant use any of its features? Ive taken it back to a service center and all they tell me is a software update is supposed to be coming out soon to take care of it. My friend has a pre too and has no problems with his. Its not uncommon for his one battery to outlast both of mine and then some. Its rediculous. We have even tried switching batteries and my phone kills his battery just as fast. Im out of ideas...
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