View Poll Results: How often do you charge your Pre in a normal 24 hour day?

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  • 1 time per day

    74 50.34%
  • 2 times per day

    46 31.29%
  • 3 times per day

    13 8.84%
  • 4 or more times per day

    14 9.52%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ame View Post
    I guess a few times but not because it needs it...I have a touchstone at home and one at work, and I tend to leave it on at home from about 10 til I get up and at work usually most of the day.
    This is exactly what I do. It works well.
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    I have it charged a lot. I hate seeing it go below 50-60% Last night I was playing Blocked for an 45min - 1 hour and it was at like 66% from 100% I keep it charged a lot.
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    Just more proof that polls are meaningless. 4 times a day??? Even if I use mine constantly all day, for the most I'll need 2 charges. If you need to charge 4 times a day you have a defect or maybe just making it up? Unless you're counting each time you place it on the touchstone or plug it in a charge which doesn't really say much in terms of actual battery performance.
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    I echo some of the philosophies here. I've always charged my phone b/c of paranoia since my days of the Treo . . . 300 was it? (did that even exist? It was the Silver flip top Treo whatever the name). And I just continued the tradition to the 600, 650, & 755p. In car? Charging. At office? Charging. Home? Charging. I have no idea how "good" my batteries have been for years. If I'm near a charger, I use it. Makes for a peaceful existence & I don't sweat it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    I put 2 times, but while I'm at work I keep it on the Touchstone most of the day. I'm counting that as 1 charge. Then I charge it again when I go to bed. I could probably get away with not charging it at night, but might as well keep it topped off.
    Ditto, but only one charge is necessary for me to make it through the day. BTW OP the poll and the question you imposed in your post are different. How many times I charge in a day and how many times I "have to" charge in a day are different questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    Does CPU scaling require rooting?

    I put down 2. I can normally get through the day with one overnight charge, but when I am and at my desktop I plop it down on my touchstone. There are generally like 3-5 of these little 15min charges, so I count that as one charge.
    Yes it does, if I wasnt rooted for all of the other hacks I would definitely root for that one alone.
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    I don't talk on the phone much, but with a little facebook and twitter time, checking the weather, some web surfing, checking for new homebrew apps, and a couple text messages, yada yada....before I know it, my battery is down below 50% before noon after pulling it off the charger around 7am. I put it on the charger at least twice while at my desk until 5pm, and then usually in the car sometime before I go to bed around 10pm or so. So, I definately charge normally 3 times a day. I can't imagine when I go on vacation here in a couple of weeks and I'm riding the freakin' expedition everest and gettin' eatin by Jaws at Disney all day long. I'd say I better just make sure my wife has her blackberry with her. Maybe I'll get a couple extra batteries and one of those solar power mobile battery chargers also. That should get me through a day. LOL I have definately been contimplating the 2600 extended battery but I like the semi-slim body of the pre since I carry it in my pocket. I don't want to look like I'm carrying a chalkboard eraser in my pocket.
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    Since I have a Touchstone at work, it usually resides there...on and off...all day. I listen to a lot of podcasts/pandora while working so it drains the stock battery fast. I only have one, so it gets charged at night while I sleep and sometimes on the ride home from work.
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