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    I knew it was only a matter of time. The end of the little tab covering the USB port broke off last night, and now it comes out completely whenever I open the port. It's only a matter of time before it gets lost.

    Is the door tab important? I've used Palms for years with exposed power ports -- my Moto GSM phone has one (mini USB) exposed too, as does my Kindle (micro). Is it horrible if the port stays uncovered? Is anyone selling a replacement yet?
    Mine broke off about 2 weeks ago (I've had it since June 6). I put it somewhere so I wouldn't lose it, and promptely forgot where.

    If anyone has problems with junk getting in the slot, it'll be me... Good thing I've got TEP
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    Quote Originally Posted by nreeldeep View Post
    I'm worried about the gap that's formed between the two halves of the phone whenever I slide my fingernail between the halves in order to dig the usb door out. Each time icreate a gap and I'm worried that might eventually contribute to a loosening of the mechanism that holds the two halves of the phone together.

    I'll probably pull the door off.

    I'm curious: those of you without long fingernails, how do you get that cover off?
    Slide the keyboard open before prying the cover out.
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    Mine broke off after 6 weeks and formed a little crack in the shell. I warned the wife to just cut the USB door off but she didn't and a few weeks later hers broke and took a huge chunk of plastic with it. No surprise here, but the Sprint store considers this to be normal wear and tear and should be expected on a 4month old device.
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    Palm should redesign the door so that it is springloaded and goes inward when pushed by the micro-usb plug, and closes when you pull it out. The same way a cassette deck door is designed. It doesn't even have to be hard plastic, it could be a rubber flap, and that would alleviate the need for a spring.
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