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    At the moment, I have two email accounts set up on Pre. One is my GMail account, much of whose mail is less important, meaning I'd probably only check it a couple of times a day. For that reason, I have it set to manual checking. But, even though the preferences would seem to confirm as much, I'm still getting those emails as they come in, which I find rather annoying. My second account is a school email address via IMAP. The problem with it is that, even though I have it set to sync all emails, it has only synced the most recent (past week or so) stuff.

    Any solution to this? Ideally one that doesn't end up with me doing a reset and then having to reinstall all the homebrew stuff?
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    I don't think it will sync e-mail that was in there prior to creating the account. At least in my experience it wouldn't.

    I did not try setting those unsynced e-mails to unread status and trying to sync them. Maybe give that a try?
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    Have you tried a soft reset (or re-boot) of the Pre after changing the settings. I have had luck with doing this.

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