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    Out of the blue, my Pre wants to constantly display the volume level indicator.

    I took out the battery, did a soft reset - nothing seems to fix it.

    IIf you let the screen go to sleep, when you wake it up the volume indicator isn't there, but let it sit for about 10 seconds and up it pops!!

    WTH?!?!? If I switch it to mute, it shows me the muted icon, then goes back to showing me the volume indicator at full strength.

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    My first guess would be to check the side volume button, to see if there is anything stuck in it to hold it in position.

    After that, I would check to see if there were any new software updates.

    After that, I would yell and curse Palm/Sprint (take your pick).
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    FYI - I recall seeing a similar post some time back....

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    Sprint is giving me a new Pre tomorrow.
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    I'm having the same issue

    I just exchanged my pre about two days ago (for the fourth time!!) and I guess i'll have to do it again!!

    This will be my 5th one since launch!!!
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    The same thing happened to my pre, I just used some canned air to blow out whatever was stuck behind the volume button. Worked like a charm. Never came back. That was 2 months ago.
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    Thats good news Taal!

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