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    ok i had the pre since launch day and everything has been fine till yesterday when i decided to download ifilecoaster for the homebrew apps...
    anyways i don't know if its because of all the apps i got afterwards, but when i plug my computer with the usb cable, i cant get it to recognize my ipod. i mean itunes wont read it or recognize it, and i don't know what else to do to add music or what i should do.
    I reset my phone but nothing; i still cant add music. so can anyone tell me what to do to get my pre to work with itunes again, or to get any computer to recognnize the device?
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    anybody to help me out please??
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    You plug it in using the media sync option correct? I have been using iTunes with no issues...make sure you choose media sync. What homebrews have you done...any rooting?
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    yes i use tjemedia sync, but now they tell me that the usb device not recognized, so i dont even get anything on my itunes like it doesnt read my pre anymore. It used 2 tho.
    I have not done any rooting and the apps i have from the homebrews are:
    precheckers, dot game. blocked, five or emore, tic tac, 15 puzzles, the simple biblestop watch timer,predictions, soudboard,lolox, lights out, match'em, mine search, hangman and quick contacts.....
    it was fine before but not anymore was wondering if u guys have any idea on what to do?

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