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    New ad campaign that aired during Palm Pre sponsored premiere of Bollywood Hero starring Chris Kattan on IFC.

    Part 1.

    Bollywood Hero: AllaKattan - Bollywood Hero - Original Series - On Air -

    Not a big Kattan fan, but it's better than creepy girl.
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    I might be the only one who likes the creepy Palm girl.
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    I liked that. It actually showed off the Pre more. Wish it was getting more viewing than just the Bollywood Hero series.
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    From now on, whenever someone has a question about how to do something with the Pre, the answer should simply be:

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    So much better than the creepy Palm girl that has nothing pertinent to say.
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    Sigh. Here's a novel thought: commercials that actually show and demonstrate the cool features and benefits of the device.
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    So I just saw Bollywood Hero on IFC. Anyone else catch it? They actually had quite a long Pre commercial with Kattan at the end. It didn't make much sense and, as usual, didn't focus at all on the the actual features. But it did have a lot of screen time.

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