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    So maybe I am confused about how this is supposed to work or whatnot?

    So I had some MAJOR issues with my phone a few days ago when I ATTEMPTED to delete a text "conversation" I have with my girlfriend. We obviously text a lot every single day. I had not deleted any of the txts going either way since I got the phone. There were likely thousands of messages. So...after I tried to delete the conversation, the phone went nutty. Her name no longer appeared on my text conversations even when she sent new texts. I also could still see our entire conversation. Now, I am hypothesizing that the phone takes a while (and in this case a LONG while) to permanantly delete the entire conversation from phone memory cause I gave it about 4 hours and nothing was getting better.

    This problem prompted my do decide to do a partial reset (the one where you delete everything except music/photos etc. I was under the impression when I "backed up" the phone, it would do that for my contacts...apparently not. Also, I thought the pre "profile" would allow for easy resetting of contacts and whatnot. Maybe I misunderstood this concept any need someone to correct this for me? I had to manually resync my Google and Facebook accounts and then reorganize the ones that are duplicates (instead of a pre backup of that would have had it done).

    So can someone clear up that second issues for me please? Also, has anyone else had this problem when trying to delete a BIG conversation? Thanks guys...

    btw...LOVE this phone...had it since the release...can't wait for more apps!

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    Did you check the CDMA fluid level? There is a small dipstick next to the HDMI jack.

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