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    I think I just figured out why I'm (we're) getting multiple eMail notifications for the same eMail. It definately is a 1.1 thing too.

    When you delete an eMail that you haven't read and it puts it in the trash, you get a new mail notification 'cause it's unread.


    Hope they fix it. Should only get eMail notifications on the inbox...
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    Yeah, this makes me crazy!
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    When I just swipe a notification away, it appears again, and sometimes a third time after a second swipe. No deletion going on here...

    But yeah, it'a a drag.
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    Yeah, 1.1 has a bunch of little annoying issues. Hopefully they'll fix them quick. I'm still waiting for universal cut/paste!
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    ok good, i thought i was going crazy lol. i have been having this prob since 1.1 as well. doesnt happen very often though

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