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    I am starting to feel stupid with file coaster. I am new to home brew and have installed web os to my computer. I am on the next step where they say I need to install file coaster. I go to the app store click file coaster, click on download. It open up a small menu saying: you have to save as or open with. What do I do? I though I was doing this from the wrong location so I tried it from my phone and I am unable to download either. Please can someone help me, a newbie to homebrew

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    Choose "save as" and save it to your computer. I prefer the desktop for this kind of thing. Don't change the file name. Then you just drag it into the WebOS QuickInstall program. Piece of cake.
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    I love file coaster!! I love that we now have 104 apps to choose from. This is the greatest and I would like to thank whoever put it out there!! Prior to that I was having to use my laptop w/Win XP because I couldn't get quick launch or any other method to work with my laptop running Vista. Now I can just get the apps directly from phone. Now I'm waiting for an onscreen keyboard and text messaging update to allow for copying texts or forwarding.... more utilities apps please! I wish I knew how to create... So again a big THANK YOU to all of you that are creating apps...
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    hey dont feel stupid....i cant even download quick install
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    fileCoaster v1.1.6

    put it ot my phone with WOSQI, (I like that program, i do) but when I launch it
    into the homebrew app list it returns with an errorr message:

    "Exception: Failed while parsing, xml not found"

    I know what this means, but don't know what to do about it in this situation.

    can anyone advise?

    Thx, JEA

    btw, neither rebooting the Palm, nor fiddling with Wi-Fi made any difference for
    the glitch. (not using Wi-Fi anyway)

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