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    I noticed one very negative thing, that came with the new Update for PRE. They took away the option to turn on "Roaming Only" option! I used to use it from time to time, where Sprint signal is unstable, and it is unstable in a lot of places, but now I cannot!!! It is very annoying, as even $1 phones have the feature!!!
    Also, if I use "pause" in dialing a number, the phone screws up the phonebook listing, that is annoying too. I cannot have two phone numbers, if they are the same, but one has a pause in it, and the other doesn't. They don't appear separately in the search, instead it shows only one of them.
    And a third thing is that the volume knob for system sounds and alarm volume is the same, so I cannot turn down or turn off system sounds without turning off the alarm. That is very annoying too, because every evening when I set up the alarm I have to not forget to turn the system volume back on!

    I wonder, if there is a website, where users can send their opinions and recomendations?
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    I might be coming out of left field with this but I do believe Palm USA - Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses has that "feature".

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