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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheuba View Post
    Skyfire was great on WinMobile, but I like the Pre's browser is much better.
    I completely agree with this. The only thing i liked about skyfire was tht it played flash, other than that it was garbage.
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    I would love to see skyfire on the pre. I had a mogul and have converted over to the pre. I think its a great fone but would like to have flash...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    I was very unimpressed with Skyfire on WM. I much preferred Opra. The WebOS browser is at least twice as good as Opra.
    I completely agree here. Skyfire is a slower browsing experience, and it relies on a proxy. Not saying that the guys do, but imagine how easy it'd be for them to capture keystrokes on their server.
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    I'm all for competition. The browser is great, but lack of Flash is really hurting it. I can't see most of the videos that I'd like to see. Skyfire was the only decent thing on my Mogul. Even if it's sluggish, I'd like to use it to watch TV shows and videos from hulu and other sites until Flash is finally rolled out for the Pre. I'm not sure why everyone is so against this. Yes the Pre's browser is excellent, but a little competition doesn't hurt right? I mean that's why we're not using that other phone I'll support any effort that will enable us to have better smartphone experience through competition.
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    From Skyfire release 2 days ago: Skyfire 1.1 – Release Notes (Windows Mobile and Symbian)
    What’s new in 1.1?

    •Improved page load times. For sites that take a long time to load, we updated our algorithm to bring you the content much quicker.
    •Improved scrolling and zooming on Symbian. This is a much faster and smoother experience now.
    •Improved reconnect. Skyfire will show clearly when you can start interacting with the web page in case it previously timed out and disconnected (to save battery life).
    •WML support. If you are browsing to mobile sites that use the old mobile WML markup, you can now view the content.
    •Improved mobile website support. Mobile.* websites are now rendered automatically as mobile with the exception of since it is a PC site.
    •Page up/down navigation via short-key: You can use now ‘2’ and ‘8’ to easily navigate one page up or down. Great for reading articles. Now the short-key for invoking the Superbar is ‘*’. Please note that on some devices with a non-standard keyboard layout, short-keys may behave differently since this is phone specific.
    •Updated Plug-ins: For Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime we have the newest versions to give you more compatibility with more sites.
    There is a thread on the Skyfire message board requesting Skyfire on Pre, but it's pretty slow. You who want it might want to speak up there.
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    No need for skyfire when flash comes to he pre. Skyfire is slow, it's clunky, it was a step up from Mobile IE but that's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    No need for skyfire when flash comes to he pre. Skyfire is slow, it's clunky, it was a step up from Mobile IE but that's about it.
    And what about full Silverlight and QuickTime support?

    Being a browser that works mostly off a server, Skyfire will always have a few things some other mobile browsers don't. Although that causes some speed issues, as the latest 1.1 update mentions, they're making some improvements in that regard.

    And Flash won't always be at it's current version. Skyfire is pretty quick in getting support for the latest after every Flash update. No gurantee webOS will have support for future versions of Flash the same day they are released.
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