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    I recently replaced my Pre at the sprint store due to oreoing. The new one is only a tad better BTW. Anyway, on the new one when i get a notification (SMS or email) i hear the sound, but the screen fades to black before I can see the notification preview. My old Pre did not do that. I have the same settings on the lock (after 1 minute).......Am I missing something? It's kinda annoying

    Thanks for your help.
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    I just got my stolen Pre replaced by Asurion and I notice the same issue with notifications. I think it has to do with the firmware update, though.

    I also have noticed a lag time when receiving a text while the SMS app is open.
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    also, before i exchanged.....even if my screen was locked and i hit the power button one quick, it would show in the lower right hand area if there was an unread email or SMS prior to dragging the lock upwards to "unlock" Now I actually have to unlock it to see if there is something down there. I do not like it this way, is there a way to go back to the old way?

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